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In partnership with my clients to heal through metaphysical mediums that address holistic health, such as Tarot, Reiki, Nutrition, Essential Oils, Crystals, and Meditation.

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I am a firm believer that healing is something we all need to do. Regardless of your background, upbringing, current circumstances or the work you have done already towards self-improvement -- there is always room for more growth.

Sometimes it takes the help of an experienced spiritual leader to guide you through certain roadblocks and transitions; and that is what I'm here to do. I partner with my clients to make sure their needs are met from a holistic standpoint; because without a true balance of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, true happiness cannot be achieved. My clients often become like family to me, and I share in the joys of their personal and professional accomplishments, as well as support them in their darkest of times.

Each person comes to me with a unique set of needs and an equally unique set of challenges they face in their day to day lives. My goal is to make their lives easier, brighter, healthier, happier, and more successful. Many times, people turn to spirituality as a last-resort approach to healing particular ailments that manifest as physical, mental, and emotional, but one of my passions is being able to teach clients that life really is all about balance, and without dedicating an equal amount of time to our spiritual beings, we are very guilty of self-neglect.

​ Often times, some form of spiritual practice can lead to uncovering the answers behind common illnesses, career issues, relationship problems, life purpose dilemmas, and the list goes on and on. When it comes to spirituality, I do not follow any one standardized religion; in fact, I support them all, so long that they do not intentionally cause harm to any people, or living things. I welcome all clients of every religion, background, age, race, nationality, sexuality, and belief system to see what my alternative treatments are about and experience them first-hand. My only ask is that you try before you judge, and you come open-minded. After all, being open is always the first step to healing!

​ If you are not yet ready to try a particular treatment, I am happy to speak with you on the phone for a free 10 minute consultation to answer any questions you may have.

​ In the meantime, I'm wishing you a lifetime of love, light, and healing!

​ Sincerely,


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What People Are Saying...

  •   I was lucky enough to stumble over Bella in October 2018, she was very patient, comforting, enlightening and super NICE. I went to her with severe anxiety and she answered all my questions-although the answers weren't exactly what I wanted to hear, probably because I was in Denial but everything came out true(100% correct), she was spot on about so many things. So I went to see her again yesterday- again with anxiety and she really calmed me down with her answers- I hope this prediction is correct just like my previous session. I would TOTALLY recommend her. Thank you Bella!

    thumb Shubhra S.

      I have worked with Isabella a few times now; maybe 5-6 sessions or so. She is very accurate and able to handle a good amount of questions in the given time frame. Pretty much the best psychic medium I have ever encountered in the Bay Area. Definitely worth to start sessions with her.

    thumb Bk K.
  •   This is my third time seeing Bella and as always she is nothing short of amazing. It's such a privilege to talk with someone who is uniquely gifted and highly intuitive. Bella really helped me figure out how to structure my future career goals and keep my energy grounded. What sets Bella apart is the way she gives advice and guidance. Many psychics will just throw a bunch of predictions at you whereas Bella invests the time to look at your paths and supply you with the knowledge to forth towards your desires. At the end of the day we all have free will and are the creators of our reality, but having someone who is able to intuitively counsel you is such a bonus in life. For anyone who is skeptical or unsure, I highly recommend Bella. I suggest have questions and intentions ready for her. Thank you so much for everything Bella!

    thumb Dylan G.

      I booked a 45 minute tarot reading with Bella. She is very warm and has a great inviting energy that puts you at ease immediately. We started with some cards and she answered all of my questions about a situation with a friend. She suggested we do some energy work which was awesome and cleansing. She also answered some questions I had about past lives and relationships towards the end of our time. I would highly recommend Bella if you are looking for clarity or peace about a situation in your life. She is a gifted and intuitive psychic as well as a really lovely woman. Thanks Bella! I'll be back!

    thumb Michael Y.
  •   As a first time experiencing a reading, this was great! No beating around the bush, Bella gets straight to the point and has definitive answers. Although I cannot tell how much is accurate at this point since most of it is in the future :), it does seem to match the practicality aspect perfectly and accurately! Bella is super warm and friendly, and I felt at ease immediately. Highly recommended!

    thumb S S.

      Isabella was tremendous! She is warm, extremely knowledgable and didn't hesitate to answer my (many :)) questions! I actually got more out of the session than I expected.

    thumb Jennifer T.
  •   I took my mother to Isabella for past life regression as she had fear of dark,flight,closed places and water.
    My mother was really scared but isabella treated her really well.she first calm my mother with reiki and it really helped my mom.
    My mom felt the difference in 2 sessions.

    I don't believe in this science before but now i do as i can see my mom getting better.

    I would definitely recommend Isabella for her great work and insight.
    My mother will definitely visit her again for hypnosis session.

    thumb Darshpreet N.

      She is amazing ... spot on with every prediction she has ever given me.  I am continuously blown away and shocked with the accuracy of the information she provides.  If you are in need of a very specific and highly accurate psychic, as well as need someone who can guide you in all things in the spiritual/metaphysical realm, she is your gal!

    thumb Mac D.
  •   I took Bella's Reiki I and II course...what a beautiful soul she is! The class is limited to a maximum of two people and I was lucky enough to get one-on-one training from her.

    Her story of how reiki changed her life is amazing and inspiring. She gets to heart of what you need to know and shares her experience and tips to make your transition to your own practice a little smoother. She also gives you a short reiki session as part of your training and that experience was amazing. I highly recommend her training and her reiki sessions.  

    I haven't yet used her services as a reader but that's next on my list!

    thumb Tina H.

      Bella has been nothing short of fantastic during our sessions! I have been to her multiple times for a Tarot reading and the answers I received have helped me shape my next steps during a transitional time in my life.

    I have also been to Bella for a Reiki reading which was very relaxing and informative. She is super down to earth and I instantly felt comfortable with her.

    I cannot recommend Bella's services enough! I will definitely be going back soon for a reading.

    thumb Christiane D.
  •   I am in a pretty desperate situation and I went to Isabella for a tarot reading as well as clairvoyant reading session.  I gave 5 stars to her service not because the tarot reading but because of the clairvoyant session.  I actually ended my session with her about 15 mins earlier because she answered all my questions very clearly and the most important thing is the technique I learnt from her of how to deal with the negative things that has happened in my life.  I had a lot of emotional baggages all the way from childhood but she was able to use the session to teach me how to handle them.  Although I was already doing self reflection and tried digging into the past to become a new person, this session really helped me come out of so much negativity much faster.  I would say she was more of a life coach in my session than anything else.  I plan on going back to her for a tarot reading soon depending on how my current situation goes.  I would definitely recommend her for anyone who is going through an uncertain time in their life.

    thumb Cecilie D.

      Tarot card reading:

    I saw Bella for the second time last night and WOW! I saw her for the first time (in person) over the summer and her predictions have been spot on! Me and my friend both did a session w/ her and I must say that we were a little skeptical going into it because we weren't sure if we'd believe it, but wow we left her sessions absolutely speechless!!! At the time she told me in 3 months she saw me getting a new job in the school district & what do you know, 3 months later I'm working at an elementary school right now. We proceeded to talk about my relationships and school & everything that she said has happened so far. Last night we did a 45 minute session and i told her some concerns about my dads health and with giving her no information she was able to tell me what she saw and it's 100% all true! I was worried that it was something serious but he just got testing done today and it has to do with what she told me, which is CRAZY! There's no way anyone knows that specific information. We then went onto talking about friends and with only giving her my friends first names, she was able to describe their personalities SPOT ON and it's still so crazy to me. She is the real deal! If you want some closure or guidance, i definitely suggest seeing Bella, she has really good vibes and is AMAZING at what she does!!

    thumb Gisella E.
  •   I have been to Bella twice, once for a reiki session and once for a tarot card reading. There are so many people in this business but Bella is top of her game. I could experience the wisdom in her words which she has gathered by pure hard work and experience. I did not know what to expect during the reiki session, so I gave in with 100% faith. After the session it felt like a burden of 1000 KG was lifted off my shoulders. In the following days my chronic sinus began to heal and my allergies vanished on the onset of spring( when generally it's the opposite at this time of the year).
    The tarot session was equally amazing, she was quick, answered all my questions, extremely knowledgeable and professional and she patiently listened to me as I walked through my problems!
    She will not mince her words but you will sure leave you empowered after the session.
    I highly recommend Bella, her services are unparalleled.

    thumb Mehek K.

      Personable and down to earth. I went in for a tarot reading and was extremely nervous. Bella made me feel comfortable throughout. To the point and explains what she sees.
    I didn't have enough questions for the amount of time I booked and was able to go through a guided meditation which really helped and lifted a weight off.

    thumb Rei F.
  •   I had an amazing session today. I enlisted her assistance for past life regression. Everything Bella said resonated with me, even the ones that I did not expect. I remained open unguarded but made sure to listen to my intuition. She was very kind, straightforward, and she articulates things in a way that resonates well with your soul. There were times when I had visited similar specialists and I felt drained. In this case, I felt empowered. I'm going to book another session with her and I am excited to do so! I was also spiritually educated further by Bella and it was a topic  needed to feed my soul. I truly feel that I was destined to cross Bella's path. Anytime you see someone with her specialty, it's important that you go in there with an open mind, open heart, and the willingness to evolve above & beyond your current state. You might not always agree or like what you hear, but if everything life gave us was what we wanted then we would never learn or grow.

    thumb Rissa R.

      It was the most friendly relaxing experience. Most of my questions has been answered. The future dates has been forecasted, all we need to do is sit tight and wait for the timelines to come true.

    thumb Maricar C.
  •   Im generally skeptical about this sort of thing but after reading all of Bella's positive reviews, I thought I'd go for it and get a reading.  She was welcoming and kind and immediately hit on some things going on in my life that she had no way of knowing about.  Pretty specific stuff, not the type of info that could be attributed to a wide array of various things.

    After my session, I felt spiritually renewed and confident that I'm on the right track with the big decisions I've been recently making.  I will definitely visit Bella again for a reading and recommend her to anyone in search of taking a deeper look at what's going on in their lives.

    thumb Terra M.

      Bella was a breath of fresh air.
    She was really accurate on things and made me feel very comfortable. She's very sweet and you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients.

    thumb Karen P.
  •   Isabella is a wonderful soul.
    I went to her at a time when I was on the verge of changing careers, and I was flooded with self-doubts about moving forward pursuing my passion. She very easily pinpointed the underlying cause of my insecurity, and suggested practical ways I could overcome this.

    It was a huge relief to understand the root cause of confusion that had plagued me for years. My hesitation has greatly reduced and by following her advice I feel more empowered every day.

    She even recommended a naturopath to help with some health issues.
    I'm so grateful for our session together, and I highly recommend her to anyone considering going to her for advice!

    thumb Sakura I.

      I have been to Bella for reading twice, both times I walked out of there feeling lifted and question answered. I was looking for direction and clarity for business and life decisions. I needed Bellas super power to help me to make some decisions because too much was going on at once and I was overwhelmed. I'm so glad Bella was able to help me! I'll  see her again if I need help.
    I can't wait to try Reiki with her.
    She definitely earned my trust and I'll recommend her to many friends.

    thumb Renee K.
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