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In partnership with my clients to heal through metaphysical mediums that address holistic health, such as Hypnotherapy, Radionics, Tarot, Reiki, Nutrition, Essential Oils, and Meditation.

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I am a firm believer that healing is something we all need to do. Regardless of your background, upbringing, current circumstances or the work you have done already towards self-improvement -- there is always room for more growth.

Sometimes it takes the help of an experienced spiritual leader to guide you through certain roadblocks and transitions; and that is what I'm here to do. I partner with my clients to make sure their needs are met from a holistic standpoint; because without a true balance of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, true happiness cannot be achieved. My clients often become like family to me, and I share in the joys of their personal and professional accomplishments, as well as support them in their darkest of times.

Each person comes to me with a unique set of needs and an equally unique set of challenges they face in their day to day lives. My goal is to make their lives easier, brighter, healthier, happier, and more successful. Many times, people turn to spirituality as a last-resort approach to healing particular ailments that manifest as physical, mental, and emotional, but one of my passions is being able to teach clients that life really is all about balance, and without dedicating an equal amount of time to our spiritual beings, we are very guilty of self-neglect.

​ Often times, some form of spiritual practice can lead to uncovering the answers behind common illnesses, career issues, relationship problems, life purpose dilemmas, and the list goes on and on. When it comes to spirituality, I do not follow any one standardized religion; in fact, I support them all, so long that they do not intentionally cause harm to any people, or living things. I welcome all clients of every religion, background, age, race, nationality, sexuality, and belief system to see what my alternative treatments are about and experience them first-hand. My only ask is that you try before you judge, and you come open-minded. After all, being open is always the first step to healing!

​ If you are not yet ready to try a particular treatment, I am happy to speak with you on the phone for a free 10 minute consultation to answer any questions you may have.

​ In the meantime, I'm wishing you a lifetime of love, light, and healing!

​ Sincerely,


The Metaphysical Medium

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Evil, in so far as it exists, is the affirmation of disorder. Now, in the presence of the eternal order, disorder is essentially transitory. In the presence of the absolute order, which is the will of God, disorder is only relative. Hence the absolute affirmation of disorder & evil is fundamentally a lie.

The absolute affirmation of evil is the denial of God, since God is the supreme & absolute source of good.

Evil is the denial of reason in the philosophical world. It is the denial of responsible in the social world. It is opposition to the inviolable laws of nature in the physical world.

The universal law of analogy states that what is true in the cause manifests in the effect. What is not realized does not exist.

Spirit & matter are but two poles of the same thing, the intermediate planes being merely degrees of vibration. The All & the Many, Infinite Mind & Finite Minds, are they same, the difference being merely a matter of degree of Mental Manifestation.

The power to be what you want to be, to get what you desire, to accomplish whatever you are striving for, abides within you. It rests with you only to bring it forth & put it to work.

You are one of the Lords of the Earth, with unlimited potentialities. Within you is a power, which, properly grasped & directed, can lift you out of the rut of mediocrity & place you among the Elect of the Earth—the Doers & Thinkers. It rests with you to learn to use this power, which is yours—this Mind that can do all things. Your body is for all practical purposes merely a machine, which the mind uses. This mind is usually thought of as consciousness; but 90% of your mental life is subconscious, so when you make active use of only the conscious part of your mind you are using a fraction of your real ability; you are running on low gear. The reason why more people do not achieve success in this life is because so many are content to run on low gear all their lives—on surface energy.

It was a blessing from God to man, not a curse, to be sentenced to earn our bread by the sweat of our brow; for nothing great or excellent is attainable without exertion.

-my favorite excerpts from EyeOfHorus1

Putting McKenna to bed tonight...
McKenna: “Hey guess what!?”
Me: “What?!”
McKenna: “Did you know in a few days there’s going to be an election and President Trump is going to win again?”
Me: “LOL! Yes I knew this.”
McKenna: “Well HOW do you know these things if you don’t have a TV and don’t watch the news?!?!?”
Me: “Because .... the Internet???”
LOL our night time conversations are the best 😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
PS- we have 3 TVs in this house and I haven’t turned one on more than a few hours in probably 10 years. Also, fuck the news. I can say that cuz I used to work at NBC. Lol
The fact that my 7 year old knows what’s up gives me hope we will drain the swamp faster with the next generation too. Phew* 😅


Thank you to my beautiful soul sis @jamieastarcrawford, my powerhouse cousin @starseed2269, & one of the women who inspires me the most online @mystic_gypsy_mama, for nominating me. ❤️💋💋💋

Woman Empowerment...there are so many thoughts & words that come to mind, but I’m going to just let the keyboard flow as I usually do without much structure.

I believe the most important lesson I’ve learned as a woman is to KNOW YOUR WORTH.

This phrase can be interpreted so many different ways but 1st & foremost, it means that often times, as the nurturers we are, we allow other people to mistreat us, abuse us, tear us down, take advantage of us, & leave us with almost nothing left...& I just want to remind you all that THAT IS NOT OKAY! We are put on this earth for a short time to be vessels that bring in NEW LIFE. And those children who come through us don’t need to inherit our trauma bonding, wounds, & negative emotions. But that’s not the only reason why it’s unacceptable. It’s NOT OKAY to accept less than what we deserve in life, in pay, in relationships, in sports, in business, in medicine, in politics. I don’t believe in broadcasting to the world that we are “put down” or “subjugated” as a sex because to me that actually STRIPS us of our power, & whether that fact is or is not true really honestly doesn’t fucking matter to me because I believe as HUMANS that we ALL have an OPPORTUNITY to EMPOWER OURSELVES by starting to address how others treat us at the MICRO level first...our most INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS must reflect self love, self worth, value, & gratitude. If our most intimate relationships do not demand this from others, then HOW CAN we possibly demand it from the whole entire WORLD!? It’s just not logical.

So today, I am here to say: KNOW YOUR WORTH.
Ask for that raise, ditch the friends who don’t celebrate your wins or uplift you, distance yourself from family members who don’t accept you or support you, re-evaluate your relationships & if they aren’t your #1 source of love & peace fuck em, & when you feel in your SOUL that the energy doesn’t resonate with you in any situation or with any person GET THE FUCK OUT!

GO VAGINAS!!! 🙌🏻💯🐱

Take your first step towards a journey of metaphysical healing....

What People Are Saying...

  •   I've met many folks but have never really connected with stranger as much as Bella! She's not only personable and to the point, but there's also so much warmth with her. Within the first few minutes of the appointment she puts you at ease. I never felt any hesitation or out of place even for a moment.
    I met Bella for the first time for the reiki healing after scouting through so many references on the web and going by her yelp reviews! As a person who had never done any of reiki or similar stuff , I didn't believe in that but I was very curious for a beginner. After the session, I walked out with some of her diagnosis that were bang on! (I used my recent reports and tests to validate that). She even suggested few well being products that I'm currently using.
    Based on this experience I once again met with Bella for my past life regression and I was really surprised by the clarity with which she stated what she saw. I certainly walked out of her place that day feeling reassured and with a strange sense of calm and clarity. I would definitely recommend Bella for anyone looking to explore what science still hasn't answers for.

    thumb Samhitha Iyer K.

      Bella was recommended to me by one of my cousins due to an issue I was going through that was a very very dark moment for me in my life but had overcame so I booked an hour session with Bella for a clairvoyant reading because I needed some answers on my own spiritual journey and felt I had lost my focus on my path.

    Bella's reading's were very straight to the point and so reassuring I felt at ease with every question that needed answered. Due to the Covid-19 virus that is around during this time, I was still able to feel her presence and energy through FaceTime and felt at ease once we connected. I've had many readings done before but with Experiencing my reading with Bella I would say was one of a kind.

    thumb Gisele G.
  •   Bella has been my go to person for Tarot readings for many years and everything she says is accurate and has come true. I've been a faithful client of her for years now so you can tell that she is good at what she does. Moreover, she is extremely easy to talk to and has a lot of experience and wisdom to share.

    I recently went for a Metaphysical Business consulting session online and walked away with lot of good advice, insight, and guidance on how to handle changes I am looking to make with my business. I also got a reading to help me with questions about my business.

    Bella has tons of business experience and knowledge about the spiritual and natural healing industry, I encourage anyone to talk to her if you have questions about your metaphysical business. Thanks for a great session Bella!

    thumb Simi S.

      I had a tarot card reading with Bella and she was amazing  in answering all my questions and explaining what the cards meant..

    thumb Jeanette B.
  •   Went to Bella for a chakra/aura balancing session and absolutely loved it! During the process it was very relaxing and soothing, and she took her time to go through each chakra to rebalance and make sure there was anything hindering them. At the end was able to tell me what she found and why that was happening. She was very informative, sweet, makes you feel comfortable, and definitely knows what she's doing. I've already been recommending her to family and friends. I'm hoping in the next few weeks I can go back for either hypnotherapy or a tarot card reading. Everyone needs to go and see her!!

    thumb Lauren B.

      I had a wonderful meeting with the fabulous Bella! Felt really good and informed when I left! What a great experience. I highly recommend going to her!

    thumb Jaclyn S.
  •   Unfortunately all the predictions I had from Bella turned out to be wrong. I asked her about a couple of jobs interviews, one she said I was "most likely, 90%" going to get an offer (rejected), the 2nd company I had a "strong chance" of getting offer (rejected) and the third looked "good" (rejected later that day ).

    She also said I'd be laid off from my current job within a specific 4 week time frame that's almost passed - but that didn't happen.

    Disappointed because I was really hoping she would work for me, and her analysis of people seemed to be thoughtful and plausible. I appreciated the definitive stances, but with all 4 of the big yes/no predictions I needed ended up going the other 50%, it just didn't work for me.

    thumb T Y.

      Honestly speaking I was a bit skeptical when I saw so many five stars reviews for Bella. But then I had a feeling I should go see for myself. I gave her only my name and a question without giving her any additional information about my current situation. Yet she was able to describe accurately what I'm facing, and the obstacles. It's specific and not general at all. I was really impressed. I felt relieved and am more clear about my direction now. I'll update my review when it's supposed to be the time for her prediction to come true. Can't wait ^^

    thumb Scabiosa D.
  •   I saw Bella for two sessions: the former was a tarot reading, and the latter was a Hypnotherapy session. I wanted to see her to get some clarity about my own life and situations in my past and present. She is very warm and friendly, and helps you feel at peace. For the tarot reading, she  answered each of my questions thoroughly and I felt like she really knew me even though we'd just met. Her answers were specific and genuine. Today, I went to a hypotherapy session and it's hard to describe, but I definitely felt a huge discharge of negative emotion and while I still have issues to work out, I definitely feel like this really helped my healing process and I have less baggage. In between emotional discharges, I had the privilege to get Bella's insight about spiritual issues and it's clear that she's very knowledgeable and sincere.
    Her advice made a lot of sense and felt spiritually enriching, and I really look forward to moving on my path with Bella's guidance. I'd definitely recommend that you see Bella for your own spiritual healing purposes, and I look forward to more sessions with her.

    thumb Dhanya C.

      Bella is an amazing person with incredible abilities. She is the real deal! She is accurate, holistic and really cares about you. She's opened a new world for me and will continue to work with her. She can heal you emotionally, physically and help you in ways that you may not even realize. I highly recommend her! We've seen her a couple of times and look forward to learning and improving our lives.

    Thanks Bella !!

    thumb Kay O.
  •   Okay so this hot cookie is a quick one.  I'm both scientific and spiritually inclined so it's like a crazy dance with me.  I went through some pretty emotional things and needed clarity and guidance.  I looked her up and her reviews and they don't disappoint.  She's well versed and omg fast.  She confirmed many things my other psychic stated and confirmed.  She's very precise and laid back.  She'll work with you and so flexible with timing and explaining.  I'm definitely going to get other modalities done with her and I'm excited to do so.  I'm skeptical, even with my spiritual side.  I'm a RN and wanting to become an NP.  So she was helpful.  I'll post updates as they come to pass.

    thumb Kelley M.

      I hate to leave bad reviews, but Bella was so wrong on my reading. I felt so excited when the reading was over and I felt at ease and calm. I was told certain things would happen in 2-4 weeks and none of those things happened. I asked specific questions and took notes during the reading. Nothing and I mean nothing happened! The four weeks has passed and I feel like it was all a complete waste of money.

    thumb E R.
  •   I had a tarot card reading from Bella while asking some personal questions that I wanted to learn about a past family member, my diet, astrological signs, and my past lives. It was really informative and comforting. She is helping me improve myself and become aware of my strengths in this life. I felt really connected and happy afterwards. Definitely recommend!

    thumb Gina T.

      I had my first reading with Bella. She was referred to me by my sister. She has a lot of positive energy because I could feel it. She was very patient and clear with her responses. I felt I got value for my money.

    I have been to multiple tarot card readers but I found my experience with Bella incredible. This was my first reading with her and it was just a few days back so I do not know whether everything she said will come true or not but I feel confident she did the best she could to help me in that moment. I could feel the empathy and willingness to help in her voice.  As life starts to unfold I will have more visibility into the accuracy of her readings. I do not expect anyone to be 100 percent accurate. For now, I believe in everything she said and look forward to updating my review.

    thumb parul s.
  •   No sooner did I walk out did I want to say everything wonderful about Bella. Walking in with a bit of anxiety wondering what I will find. Bella was a million times spot on with my life and surroundings. She was able to explain the confusion and encouraged the discussion in more depth that I could have never done without her. She is truly blessed with a gift. I could not be more clear and guided by her. I look forward to our next session. There truly is no one like her Her light shines through

    thumb Raquel N.

      I was super nervous contacting Bella to see what services were best for me. She turns out super kind and responsive, which made me feel more at ease speaking with her. Best way to reach her is to text the business phone number (as I saw in a question). I have never had such an impactful reading as I had with Bella. Not only did she give me such tangible direction and answers, she covered way more than I thought was possible in our 45-minute session. I went in with dread and came out feeling empowered and full of hope. Highly recommend and would definitely go back!

    thumb Nahid N.
  •   I did my very first tarot reading with Bella yesterday. I was skeptical at first because I've never had a reading done before. The appointment covered a lot of the topics that I needed clarification on, and her responses were accurate regarding what was going on in my life. She's super nice and easy to talk to! I would definitely recommend her if you need to get a tarot reading done.

    thumb Jezza P.

      I have one word 'Phenomenal' She sent shivers down my spine with her accurate description of my children.  I want to try some of her other services. Oh, she is so fast I actually ran out of questions after 30 minutes.  She assured me that she would apply any unused time in the future. Thank you Bella, you are a beautiful lady!

    thumb Carmen F.
  •   I had my first ever tarot card reading with Isabella back in May of 2018, and was not expecting anything accept for clarity and guidance. Everything Isabella read in my tarot cards was spot on, even to the exact month of when certain things would happen and they did! She helped relieve me of some uncertainty and gave me reassurance that I was going on the right path. I have recommended Isabella to friends that have needed guidance of their own. Highly recommend!!!

    thumb Marie D.

      Bella is super sweet! She made me feel incredibly comfortable, safe, reassured through out our entire appointment. Now from now on I will only go to her for anything I need done or just more clarity on. I definitely left her place feeling more at peace, protected, and clear headed. My experience was above and beyond.

    I also love how she replies back to me and answers any questions I have or I may be wondering about. She is spot on, incredibly intuitive, you can literally feel her light when you're in her space and around her! I wouldn't fully trust any other psychic especially considering you can truly feel her genuine healing soul in person. Thank you for everything Bella, you know exactly what you are doing.

    thumb Claire D.
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