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In partnership with my clients to heal through metaphysical mediums that address holistic health, such as Tarot, Reiki, Nutrition, Essential Oils, Crystals, and Meditation.

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I am a firm believer that healing is something we all need to do. Regardless of your background, upbringing, current circumstances or the work you have done already towards self-improvement -- there is always room for more growth.

Sometimes it takes the help of an experienced spiritual leader to guide you through certain roadblocks and transitions; and that is what I'm here to do. I partner with my clients to make sure their needs are met from a holistic standpoint; because without a true balance of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, true happiness cannot be achieved. My clients often become like family to me, and I share in the joys of their personal and professional accomplishments, as well as support them in their darkest of times.

Each person comes to me with a unique set of needs and an equally unique set of challenges they face in their day to day lives. My goal is to make their lives easier, brighter, healthier, happier, and more successful. Many times, people turn to spirituality as a last-resort approach to healing particular ailments that manifest as physical, mental, and emotional, but one of my passions is being able to teach clients that life really is all about balance, and without dedicating an equal amount of time to our spiritual beings, we are very guilty of self-neglect.

​ Often times, some form of spiritual practice can lead to uncovering the answers behind common illnesses, career issues, relationship problems, life purpose dilemmas, and the list goes on and on. When it comes to spirituality, I do not follow any one standardized religion; in fact, I support them all, so long that they do not intentionally cause harm to any people, or living things. I welcome all clients of every religion, background, age, race, nationality, sexuality, and belief system to see what my alternative treatments are about and experience them first-hand. My only ask is that you try before you judge, and you come open-minded. After all, being open is always the first step to healing!

​ If you are not yet ready to try a particular treatment, I am happy to speak with you on the phone for a free 10 minute consultation to answer any questions you may have.

​ In the meantime, I'm wishing you a lifetime of love, light, and healing!

​ Sincerely,


The Metaphysical Medium

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What People Are Saying...

  •   I came in with nervousness she was very calm walked me threw and helped me feel calm. She started the reading everything was on point and if I had any question I could feel free to ask. She took her time to showed me how to do a cleanse to my home and myself to me that's amazing and im very thanfull for teaching me how to do that it means alot she even  gave me Palo Santo so I could do that at my home.
    Gave me paper so I could write down notes that are very helpfull. I recommend her 100%...Thank you sooo much

    thumb Gabriela V.

      It was a great session for my daughter . Bella is very intuitive and works on the chakras . Some things are subtle and chakras need to be opened to function properly . I would definitely recommend bella for reiki and chakra healing .

    thumb Krishna K.
  •   If you've never had a tarot card reading or if you have, I highly (times a million) recommend a reading with Isabella.

    I'm by no means a religious or spiritual person. I've always been very skeptical of metaphysical claims but I can honestly say that Isabella opened my mind.

    I was going through a rough patch in my life with a recent break up, some tough decisions in regards to my career and just being in a very foggy mental state. I was at my lowest low and I've taken every opportunity to take back control and have some mental clarity.

    After listening to a podcast called "Mind Love" I found out about metaphysical experiences and thought I'd give this try. Keep in mind, there are a million thoughts per second rushing into my head preventing me from booking a session but eventually I got to a point where I thought, "Why not? It wouldn't be fair to discard something if you've never tried it".

    Fast forward to the day of my reading. I'm super nervous, anxious and excited at the same time. Isabella opens the door and her two adorable dogs oden and monstro greet my friend and me.

    We sit down for the reading, I ask my questions and right off the bat I get chills. Everything that Isabella was saying resonated deeply with me. For example, The personality traits that she was seeing about me although I hadn't mentioned one word about myself; the bumps in the road of my life and how I should address them, understand them and use that knowledge to grow and change for the better (in very specific detail).

    Again, I'm not a spiritual or religious person but I'm all for mental health, growth and happiness and I've felt like my session with Isabella really gave me the insight to continue to satisfy these elements of my life so thanks Isabella! Stay awesome :)

    thumb Christina N.

      Bella was super sweet and I cannot wait to continue working with her to learn to clear my chakras, and get rid of past energy that's weighing me down! I am glad Bella came into my life. I also left there for once feeling at peace with a past relationship.. I finally feel like I really don't want that person back. I came to peace with everything. I wish the person the best, and I can't wait to see what else will start coming my way when we start to work on cleaning up my chakras.

    thumb Tori M.
  •   I went to Isabella for a reading because I felt lost and uncertain about things going on in my life. Isabella is very easy to talk to and understanding. I felt very comfortable with her like I was talking to one of my girlfriends. She gave me the guidance and reassurance I was looking for. She was also spot on about a lot of things and gave me a lot of insight. I left feeling confident and at ease. I would highly recommend seeing Isabella!

    thumb Sandy P.

      I had such a very enlightening reading.  I felt very comfortable with Bella, and the hour flew by.  It is clear that Bella has expertise and a passion for spiritual connection and self-healing.  Hearing and learning what she was able to see what the future holds for me and providing guidance of situations to be mindful of was what I needed. I really enjoyed that she "went with the flow" in what she felt like I needed - we began with Tarot cards then proceed in reading my energy.  The information that she shared was insightful and inspirational. If anyone is looking for clarity, guidance, or support during hardships, I highly recommend meeting with Bella!

    thumb Lydia E.
  •   For the vast majority of my life I have been a skeptic of anything involving mysticism - I couldn't be happier to be proven wrong.  I did a reiki session and the energy I felt was absolutely surreal.  Bella was welcoming and joy to work with.  I can't wait to go back.

    thumb Alex F.

      Bella is wonderful! I went to her for a first-time tarot card reading and was a bit nervous, thinking the experience would be entertaining if nothing else. I had my list of questions and jotted down copious notes, she provided insight into future plans ranging from romance to career. It was quite fun to learn more about "what is in the cards" for one's own life, and it was very encouraging to hear some foresight. It was interesting to see what came up in the cards. Bella aptly stated present issues. The experience essentially gave a sense that issues would resolve themselves and things would turn out decently well. Mostly, she helped to put to rest unnecessary anxieties about the future and alleviated quite a bit of over-thinking on my part. Not only did I leave carrying less needless burdens and uncertainty, but mostly, I felt inspired about the prospects next to come.
    A thoughtful session with Bella can lead to greater life focus and productivity. And Bella is a delight to work with. She relates well with people and, because the tarot card reading leaves one feeling vulnerable at times, she shares her experiences as well. I cannot wait for another session, when I'm ready to hear more details about certain aspects, and how I can best position myself for the most fruitful outcomes. And, I am excited for her insights to come true!

    thumb Elaine C.
  •   I took my mother to Isabella for past life regression as she had fear of dark,flight,closed places and water.
    My mother was really scared but isabella treated her really well.she first calm my mother with reiki and it really helped my mom.
    My mom felt the difference in 2 sessions.

    I don't believe in this science before but now i do as i can see my mom getting better.

    I would definitely recommend Isabella for her great work and insight.
    My mother will definitely visit her again for hypnosis session.

    thumb Darshpreet N.

      Bella was awesome! I took my reiki 1 and 2 combo class with her. For anyone looking to start reiki healing ASAP this is the teacher for you. She will teach you how to go thru your whole flow with customers and everything you really need to know in only 4 hours. This course really is set up for people who want to start a career or business in reiki which is my intention. A lot of other courses require around 16 hours and a 21 day gap in-between reiki 1 and 2 for the same certification that I received in 4 hours on a sunny Friday.  
    Bella is super understanding, easy going, intuitive, and incredible at what she does. To top it off she's absolutely gorgeous .... Just saying lol
    I really appreciated her honesty during the whole process. Prior to the reiki session she gave me I was having pretty bad knee pain. Well that went away for 3 days right after my session. #truestory
    The reiki attunement she gave me left me feeling properly aligned and extremely confident to start my path in healing myself and others.
    Thank you very much for your time  and sharing your gift unselfishly with the community. Keep doing what you do

    thumb Spencer S.
  •   For starters, this was my first ever tarot reading and it's something that I have always wanted to experience and when I found Bella on yelp I was so excited to meet with her, especially because I had a dream to talk to someone with her gifts. Initially meeting her and coming into her space I felt good vibes and a welcoming aura which helped me feel at ease and comfortable with myself. Throughout the reading she was very spot on about certain things occurring in my life and I couldn't help but to get somewhat emotional (in a good way) because she was able to communicate what my spirit guides have been trying to tell me. What amazed me is that she was able to sense my grandma before I had even asked about her!!! I was soooo amazed with her gift and I genuinely felt my grandmas presence. The reading made me feel more in tune with myself and connected to a greater force. Overall, it was a magical experience and I found more clarity and peace within my journey. I would definitely be coming to her again. Thank you so much Bella!

    thumb Ana M.

      Bella is a very thoughtful and gifted reader. There is no doubt about that! I don't believe in coincidences and I believe that everything happens for a reason. Same for the people whose paths I cross with. Tonight's reading with Bella was extremely accurate, and very specific. It left me with the feels and a lot of ugly crying. Of course, in a good way. :)

    I had my share of doubts going in but she has a way of quickly making me feel comfortable and disarming me. Oddly, I quickly felt so safe and vulnerable with Bella. She is confident, connected, and highly intuitive. I am grateful for her sharing her gift with me as I feel that things are more clearer and I'm more in tune with myself. I now know what I need to do with what lies before me. I feel so much better and wished I could've gone to her sooner. Thank you Bella! xoxo

    thumb My T.
  •   I highly recommend Isabella's service.  I recently took her Reiki I & II class, which was 4 hours long.  I appreciate the stories she shared about her experience that was unusual but good to know!  I can't wait to practice on friends and family!  Thank you, Isabella!!!

    thumb Ladie M.

      Bella is amazing! She is extremely warm and comforting. I went to her for a Tarot reading through a recommendation of a friend and I could not be more happy. She is scary good. She was able to identify things about me and my life that she had no way of knowing except she is that attune. She really helped me recognize my path and gave me the confidence that I am making the right choices and I am on my correct journey. I cannot wait to go back to her for some of her other services. I highly recommend if you are looking for some clarity or guidance.

    thumb maggie m.
  •   On a whim, I decided to do something I never thought I'd do and get a tarot reading for the very first time. After much scouring Yelp and reading tons of different reviews, I settled on trying out a reading from Bella. She was very personable, kind, and focused. I could tell she takes her craft very seriously while maintaining a very positive vibe.

    Even though I was very nervous at first, talking to her was really easy and my overall experience with her was very insightful. It was also a huge confidence boost and it was wonderful to be reassured that I'm on the right path and exactly where I'm supposed to be. She was also really time efficient and we covered a lot of ground in the short hour. I'm thankful for her time and really appreciate what I've learned. I'd love to come back to her again later down the road and will recommend her to my friends! Thanks so much Bella!

    thumb Stephanie R.

      Bella gives very solid, great advice related to life and the spiritual realm.  She has a very positive and calm energy that helps you understand where you are in life, and what direction may be helpful.  She is also extremely knowledgable about different forms of meditation and how to apply the concepts in a practical and grounding way.

    thumb Brennan F.
  •   Hmmm where do I begin.

    I'm fairly new to Reiki but was searching around for a specialist because somewhere down the line,  I eventually would like to be able to give Reiki attunements on folks... so I started by looking for someone to give me an attunement and see how i feel.

    Throughout the process, Bella has been really patient with me since I needed to switch times a couple of times. The treatment is in a very peaceful room with a pillow under your knees and a blanket just in case you get cold (people's body temperature sometimes drop during an attunement session)

    I came in because, I just wanted an overall energy clearing, and she asked if i had any physical ailments that i wanted extra attention to, and I let her know i had a back injury since i fell recently.

    It was crazy, but in a good way. I felt a tingly sensation running down my body and saw many colors during the attunement, starting with a blue, then all the colors of the chakras at once spiraling.

    I waited a few days to write the review because I wanted to see how I felt after, and to my surprise, my back doesnt hurt anymore. I've gone to the doctor, gone to the massage therapist, and nothing helped my back. Who knew one reiki session would fix it (and it wasnt even the reason why i went to get an attunement)

    I will definitely be back! :D  If youre looking for a Reiki session, Bella is your gal! She's extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel totally 100 percent comfortable

    thumb Victoria L.

      I met with Bella yesterday for a reiki/aura/chakra rebalancing and it was exactly what I needed. I came in with my energy bouncing all over the place and left completely grounded and clear headed.

    The environment was welcoming and comfortable and she offered me a blanket on top of the sheets for extra warmth and comfort. During the treatment, I was completely comfortable. I enjoyed feeling the energy shifts and could feel the blockages being removed. When she was done, she offered me a glass of water and while I got up, I felt like my feet went down to the center of the earth and my head was in the clouds. A day later, I'm still feeling super connected and am enjoying all the transition in my flowing gracefully. :)

    Thank you, Bella, that was perfect.

    thumb Jenn M.
  •   Bella was able to answer all my questions and also recommended extra tips to overcome my state of mind. She was right on point and I was totally satisfied when I stepped out of her session .

    thumb Anand S.

      I went to Bella for a 1hr Chakra and Aura balancing for the first time last week. I've gone to a Reiki session somewhere else before and I didn't feel much different afterwards. So now it's been a week since the session with Bella and I truly feel that I'm much more at peace with myself and have less worries about the day to day and unknown. This was a transformation for me since I now have a renewed sense of mindfulness, appreciation, and being in the present moment. I longed for this, so will definitely see Bella again.

    I highly recommend Bella if you're looking to have more peace with yourself and need help restoring your mental and emotional state.

    thumb Lily L.
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