• Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy, specializing in Metaphysical Counseling.
    (In Progress)
  • Board Certifications:
    • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)
    • Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy. (Association of Integrative Psychology)
    • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. (Association of Integrative Psychology)
    • Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release®. (Association of Integrative Psychology)
  • Certified Huna I Practitioner. (Empowerment Partnership)
  • Certified Huna II Practitioner. (Empowerment Partnership)
  • Certified Reiki I Practitioner - Dr. Usui Lineage. (ARISE, Indigo Chakra)
  • Certified Reiki II Practitioner - Dr. Usui Lineage. (ARISE, Indigo Chakra)
  • Certified Reiki Master - Dr. Usui Lineage. (Indigo Chakra)
  • Step I Psychic Meditation Certification - Energy Creates Life. (Psychic Horizons Institute)
  • Step II Psychic Meditation Certification - Relationships & Boundaries. (Psychic Horizons Institute)
  • Step III Psychic Meditation Certification - Energy in Real Life. (Psychic Horizons Institute)
  • 18-Month Intensive Clairvoyant Training Program. (Psychic Horizons Institute)
  • Mediumship Intensive Program - San Francisco. (Austyn Wells Spiritual Medium)
  • Healing From Narcissistic Relationships Certification. (Lemurian Mystery School)
  • Empowered to Heal Masterclass Certification. (Kelsey Voller Health & Medical Medium)
  • Medical Medium Chronic Illness Healing Methods. (Over 10 years researching & applying MM protocols)
  • Integrative Nutrition Certification. (The Nutritious Life Program)
    • Accredited by AND (Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics), and AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners).
  • Certified Doreen Virtue Angel Card Tarot Reader. (Hayhouse University)
  • Certified Doreen Virtue Angel Intuitive. (Hayhouse University)
  • Over 20 years combined experience with Tarot and Oracle Cards. (Apprenticeships)
  • Ordained Minister. (Universal Life Church)

Bella's Journey

I have been fortunate enough in my lifetime to have been raised by two families (adoptive and biological) who have been religious, spiritually connected and "intuitive" all their lives, which allowed me to explore metaphysics from a very young age. Almost every single person in my family is a healer in some capacity: psychologists, MSW's, school counselors, foster parents, adoptive parents, veterinarians, trauma surgeons, nurses, tarot card readers, reiki practitioners, musicians, LGBTQ advocates, etc.

In my adult years, my path crossed with many spiritual leaders who have helped me in times of need, as well as mentored me as I honed my gifts. My mentors include 3 distinctly different Tarot/Oracle card readers, a world renowned Astrologer, a Peruvian Shaman, 3 Clairvoyant Healers, over 20 instructors I have encountered in my various certifications and classes, and my beloved Spirit Guides.

Although I have many years of experience in multiple modalities, I continue to take classes to stay current on the most recent trends in spirituality, holistic health, hypnosis, and metaphysical healing techniques-- because my core belief is that there is always room for growth for every individual! I will forever remain a student, learning from my mentors, my Spirit Guides, and especially--you--my clients, for the rest of my life.

“Yesterday I was clever,
so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise,
so I am changing myself."
- Rumi

What People Are Saying...

  •   Bella is very genuine a makes you feel at home. She is very tuned in and you can tell her intention is pure. I went for a reike session with a medical reading. She was able to provide me with very specific answers to what was going on in my body and helped break down what I can and can't eat. She also suggested supplements as well as other alternative therapies I could try. She definitely has a gift. She spent a lot of time with me and was very patient with all of my questions. I would highly recommend her services.

    thumb Michelle W.

      Non of her predictions came true. I had high hope due to her high ratings. So this was quite disappointing. Not recommended.

    thumb Aya V.
  •   I had a tarot reading with Bella over a week ago and the experience had brought me so much clarity regarding my future! For those of you that are looking to do a tarot reading I recommend that you guys come up with as much questions beforehand. Bella reading is very clear, detailed, and fast. After about 30 mins I didn't know what to ask anymore, because she answered everything already! Anyways, she recommended that I asked about my kids and my husband and she was able to give accurate descriptions of them. She told me things about them that only I would know. "Specific things". She is definitely LEGIT. I'm now interested and looking forward to trying out her other services (: So just a heads up Bella, you'll be seeing more of me soon !

    thumb Michelle T.

      I am relatively new to getting services by a psychic in general. I just had my second ever tarot reading, and I'm so glad that I got it done by Bella. Disregarding my inexperience, I definitely would hope that everyone and anyone who is interested in this area won't hesitate to schedule with Metaphysical Medium. I know that not all readings are always 100% accurate but I am now looking forward and have faith in what my future holds for me. I have every intention to return for either a past life regression or be dedicated for a yearly reading, and I wouldn't doubt others would instantly feel the same.

    The rest of this review mostly benefits those who are also new and confused beginners to tarot readings:

    - You pay full price when booking through the online website (she even has a tip section during that process which I HIGHLY recommend you do- she won't disappoint)
    - All online (you choose your preferred method: FT, Zoom, etc)
    - You receive text and email confirmation and reminders.

    During the Reading
    - I scheduled a 1 hour session, with 11 questions prepared
    - Answered all of my questions swiftly and was VERY detailed & descriptive especially for some future readings
    - She shows you the cards as she's explaining it which helps if you're interested in learning more about tarot in general
    - Bella's VERY straightforward, yet a tactful person. She was honest and whenever I heard something that was hard for me to acknowledge, she made sure to reassure me, which was very nice.

    - If you are someone like me who enjoys taking notes, make sure you write FAST because Bella definitely makes sure to not waste your time. She'll read off each of the cards, give some examples or offer some advice, and then have you read your next question.
    - Definitely come prepared with your questions in advance plus maybe some backup questions just in case you finish faster than you anticipate
    - Come with an open mind and open heart.

    thumb Mia D.
  •   If you're researching someone like Bella you're probably questioning things in your life or confused. I've spoken with her twice and i can honestly say you won't be disappointed. A lot is said  about what kind of work she does, but she's for real. If you come with an open heart and an open mind, you'll be on your way to finding those answers. Like I said I've spoken with her twice. The first time help me get started on this path and this last time really help me put an end to it. And I appreciate her for that help.

    thumb Rosemary O.

      Bella is truly gifted. She has a warm/inviting atmosphere and is truly kind/genuine. I reached out to Bella during a time in my life when I was really lost, confused, and hurt. She gave me the guidance I needed to see things clearly again. I highly recommend Bella, and Iknow you won't be disappointed in her.

    thumb Harriet P.
  •   Bella did a reading over FaceTime and was spot on with the timing of some of my job changes. We also had a few additional minutes at the end so she generously offered to address topics outside what I came prepared to discuss.

    thumb Kou R.

      Bella's ability to connect, not just through Tarot but with the client is amazing. What I appreciate most about her style is that it's tailored to specific questions, which allows you to dig deep into the matter. I asked her about certain events I only knew about but she was able to get correct insight on. Sometimes she'll share a personal story to provide an example of what the cards signifies or the direction in which she advise I turn based from the cards. I appreciated her suggestions. Only con is that I wish sessions were longer :)

    thumb Vivian L.
  •   Bella was awesome. From the start she made me feel comfortable. The tarot reading was on point. She had given me so much information on my financial and love life. We even got to my past life experience.  Which brought me to my second session.  It was hypno therapy. Bella helped me get rid of unwanted baggage.  So that I can continue striding through life with out anything holding me back. I felt so relief when I was done. All I can say is that she is the real deal. Thank so much bella for all your guidance and help!!

    thumb Van T.

      I came across Bella at a time of uncertainty in many different areas of my life. I decided to go with a tarot reading due to the flexibility it provided. I had a bunch of questions and she was able go through them quickly due to her being so direct and to the point.

    She was able to provide me with the clarity and answers I need to improve my situation. Overall, it was a great time and look forward to future readings with Bella!

    thumb Will F.
  •   I had a 30 minute tarot card reading from Bella. I wrote down 5-6 questions about my relationship and my health and family. She answered all of my questions! I also started out telling her that I wanted to know what she sees and I don't like things sugarcoated. Bella listened to that and was open and straightforward with me which I really needed and appreciated. Some things were hard to hear...but they ended up being VERY accurate.
    She had advised that my kidneys and pancreas need to be cleansed. I work in healthcare and I understand that your body is made to "cleanse" itself but Bella recommended I focus on lemon water daily and also green juices. I didn't listen to that advice and I ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection 3 weeks later! I also now see a registered dietician who gave me the same advice. My point being...go in with an open mind, write questions down ahead of time and prepare to be amazed.
    I referred 2 friends to Bella and they've also had readings that were extremely accurate and have helped them move past and get clarity on situations in their lives.
    I will be scheduling another reading ASAP!

    thumb Kav N.

      I met with Bella remotely for a clairvoyant reading a month ago.  Based on reading previous reviews I had pretty high expectations and she exceeded all of them. I was seeking help with verification of career path and for help with certain personality aspects that were wreaking havoc in my life.  All I can say is that she knew me to my core, better than I know myself and was able to help me understand why I am the way that I am.  She was able to describe my deficiencies as well as highlight my gifts to me. This understanding is helping me to recognize where certain thinking patterns are coming from and thus setting me on a path for healing so I can look forward to a more fulfilling life in the future. Career path reading was spot-on.  She has a truly special gift and I recommend her to everyone.  Thank you Bella!

    thumb Kathy M.
  •   Bella is wonderful, kind and very talented.  I did a tarot reading with her and plan to do some hypnosis. She gave me quick answers that made sense in the context of my life  and resonated well with my spiritual belief and life path. Bella quickly grasps the nuances of issues so she could focus her answers to what I really needed to know. I felt that she understood and empathized with me and the issues I brought to her. Thank you Bella! Highly recommended

    thumb Maria R.

      I just had a 1 hour tarot card reading with Bella yesterday and I can confidently say she is the best at what she does, as I have visited other places as well. She was very patient and thorough in answering each of my questions. She also gave detailed explanations of the tarot cards she picked up as well. I would heavily recommend her to anyone in need of spiritual guidance. She was extremely accurate in all of the predictions of my current situation. I will definitely be getting future readings with her. Thank you so much Bella, you are truly amazing!

    thumb S K.
  •   I highly recommend Bella. I have been hypothesized once previously before seeing Bella and my results with Bella surpassed my expectations.  

    Her talent is extraordinarily, she is kind and compassionate.  

    I have previously tried to fix my issues with a therapist with no luck.  Hypnotherapy, especially with Bella,  allowed me to release my issues.   Years of therapy could not do that.

    thumb Maryann K.

      I have never had such an in-depth intuitive reading with anyone before. I am still in awe hours after our reading has ended. I booked a clairvoyant session, where we went over past lives and also utilized tarot cards for the reading (present and future time questions). I had more questions answered in this hour than in all of my previous readings combined!!  We got to the root of some deep, chronic issues, and I'll definitely be booking again. Thanks Bella, I'll be referring your services!

    thumb Valerie C.
  •   Had a Tarot reading about a year ago. Her answers were straight forward and clear, but no future predictions came true to me. I expected a lot reading all the reviews so little disappointed it didn't turn out as I heard, but the reading gave me comfort and hope when I was desperate so I appreciate that.

    thumb Gina J.

      I had a Tarot/ Past Life Regression appointment with Bella and I found it accurately described me as well as gave me new insights! Bella was lovely to talk to and was super helpful by providing advice and lots of details when describing my past and where my issues were coming from. I feel like I have more clarity and feel more positive towards the future!

    I would recommend Bella to anyone that has questions about their life.

    thumb Kat S.
  •   Often in lifetime you get across people, teachers, coaches that help you get up when you fall. Bella is all of the above personas. Our world runs on logic and lives in denial. Sadly, they fail to see the beauty of mind and spirit.

    Bella is an impressive example of a lifecoach, a spiritual lead that help you across your life journey. Her communication skills are awesome, she deeply understands you. She can connect with you for hypnosis, sense your energy and create the right mindset for you. If you have a difficult situation go to Bella and utilize all her services: Tarot, Hypnosis etc.

    Personally, I have benefited from Tarot and Hypnosis a lot. You can either spend money on a corrupt medical system that will never work on the cause or you can just have sessions with Bella. For me Kaiser costed over 10K and Bella's overall cost was 10% of that. The life change again in dollar amount is priceless. There you go if you are concerned about money I did a breakdown for you.

    The real benefit is in the spirit, the holistic benefit and that my friends is the real Magic without using actual Magic.

    thumb Fahad N.

      Bella was friendly and engaging. She did some chakra clearing that left me feeling lighter and more positive. She also had other suggestions for some physical issues I was having. Will definitely see her again.

    thumb DeAnne G.

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