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The Crystal Consulting Session is designed for clients who want to learn more about crystals in general, or have specific crystals recommended to them for specific purposes.

There is a crystal, or multiple choices of crystals, for almost every single health issue imaginable. While crystals alone should not be used as a cure for every health issue, crystals can definitely aide in shortening healing time. Some health issues clearly require more advanced treatment than crystals, and it's always recommended to see a licensed doctor for any minor or major health issues. But, crystals can help jump-start the healing of a majority of health problems, and rarely, they alone suffice if the issue stems from a strictly spiritual blockage.

You have a choice of 1-6 questions, sent to me via email only, and I will respond to your email within 48 hours with the answers to your crystal questions. The email to send your questions to will be provided for you (via text message) to the phone number you used to register for your session.

Your questions can be about crystal energy clearing techniques, crystal wearing, how to choose crystals, how to use crystals for healing, specific crystal recommendations for healing various health issues, how to choose a pendulum, how to cleanse a pendulum, how to train your pendulum for accuracy, etc.
Product Options
Select the desired number (1-6) of questions you’d like answered, and submit your questions via email. Your submission can be any questions regarding crystals.
Return and Refund Policy
There will be no returns/refunds for Crystal Consulting Sessions.

Please remember to pre-pay with your Credit or Debit Card on the website, or your session will be cancelled 12-24 hours in advance of your start time.

I do consider my work energetic/spiritual in nature, not entertainment.

For your information, Stripe runs the back-end financial processing of my website, and they take out a $5 to $9 fee when I issue a refund to the customer. This is NOT money that goes to Metaphysical Medium LLC. This is money that goes to STRIPE for processing. Please be aware of this fee, and note that it WILL be taken out of your refund amount. The exact price Stripe takes out is based on which credit card carrier you use. This fee will NOT be refunded to you - so your cancellation does not entitle you to this fee back, even if you cancel before the 24-hour cancellation window.

Bella reserves the right to reschedule your session at any time if she has an emergency, becomes ill herself, or must care for a sick family member or pet. If any of these unforeseen circumstances occur, she will reschedule you to the soonest available time-slot and you are not entitled to a payment refund or a cancellation. You understand that by booking this appointment, if Bella needs to reschedule you for any last minute emergency, that you are waiving your right to a refund if you initiate a cancellation. If you choose to reschedule to a later date, your payment will be applied to your new time-slot and you will not be charged again.
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