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I created these sessions because while doing standard Reiki sessions, I noticed I was receiving valuable healing information from clients' bodies, which could be used in their daily lives to benefit their overall quality of life and health. This reading is best for clients who are seeking answers in regards to their health issues.

Our chakras hold an immeasurable amount of information from both this lifetime and past lives, and I am able to tap into this information during these sessions using my intuition.

This session differs from my standard Reiki session because during a standardl Reiki session, I am not giving the client feedback on any life issues or medical issues, I am just providing a healing by transferring Spirit’s energy through me and into the client. The Reiki Readings allow the client to receive the best of both worlds-- a Reiki treatment and a reading on physical ailments at the same time.

The main focus of the Reiki Reading is to help the client understand what is going on with their body. I’m able to tap into illnesses, infections, surgeries, inflammation, disease, and disorders.

Since I am not a medical doctor, I cannot legally diagnose or prescribe anything, but I can draw a picture of whatever I am seeing or describe it to the client, and the client can take it to a licensed doctor for further discussion/examination.

These sessions are best for clients who:

  • have been searching for answers about their physical health issues with no luck or no diagnosis that resonates with them
  • have tried numerous treatments but nothing has worked and they don’t know what to do next or where to turn
  • are wondering what may be truly going on with their bodies
  • are wondering if the cause of their physical issues is a mental, emotional, or spiritual issue or blockage

Typically, my Reiki Reading sessions are full-body and adjust all chakras, where I start at the head, and work my way down to the feet. But, I can focus on one particular area of the body if you have a chronic illness, an injury, a disease, or a recent procedure has been performed.

It's also your choice of 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions, depending on availability. I only conduct these sessions in person, as I need direct access to the client’s body for my hands to feel the energy of your chakras and pick up on any physical issues.
Product Options
The Reiki Reading can look at any health issues including: recurring or chronic health problems, mystery illnesses that many doctors and countless medical tests have not been able to pinpoint, questions about where the root cause of an illness lies, questions about how to finally heal a chronic illness with a more spiritual approach, accident or sport related injuries, chakra imbalances, hormonal and emotional imbalances, trauma release, relaxation, stress and anxiety management, and sleep issues.
Return and Refund Policy
Your In-Person reading comes with a full money-back guarantee if you feel you are unhappy with the information you are receiving and you alert me to this fact within the first 10-15 minutes. To date, I have never issued a single refund for any service - 100% of my customers have left happy!

If we complete the full reading and you have not indicated to me that the information I have provided for you is not sufficient or that it was not what you expected, I will not refund your money. Sorry, but I always check at the beginning of the reading that you are signed up for the right service, to make sure that I am always giving my clients exactly what they want in a session - even if that means mixing and matching modalities to answer their questions (this is one of the reasons why my clients always leave happy!)

If you are unhappy with how your reading is going, please speak up or clarify your request, and we can easily change the direction the reading is going to address your concerns.

If you leave unhappy about your reading, instead of communicating with me about it, we missed a great opportunity to get on track and identify the truths you are actually looking for.

All clients must book appointments online (not over the phone or text), and no appointments will be honored without a confirmed booked timeslot that is paid for in advance.

Important: Previous No-Shows must pre-pay for any subsequent appointments and are also subject to cancellation fees, which include the FULL amount of the session you missed. You will not be able to book a new appointment until you pay for the one you missed, in addition to the new one you want to book.

Please remember to pre-pay with your Credit or Debit Card on the website, or your session will be cancelled 12-24 hours in advance of your start time.

Although we must say that Reiki Readings are for "entertainment purposes only," I do not "perform" for my clients. I do consider my work spiritual in nature, not entertainment.

For your information, Stripe runs the back-end financial processing of my website, and they take out a $5 to $9 fee when I issue a refund to the customer. This is NOT money that goes to Metaphysical Medium LLC. This is money that goes to STRIPE for processing. Please be aware of this fee, and note that it WILL be taken out of your refund amount. The exact price Stripe takes out is based on which credit card carrier you use. This fee will NOT be refunded to you - so your cancellation does not entitle you to this fee back, even if you cancel before the 24-hour cancellation window.
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