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  •   I came to Bella seeking answers to a hip issue that I've been suffering with for several years. I am hopeful that some of the insights and suggestions she gave me about my issue will yield positive results. Thank you, Bella!

    thumb Anne D.

      She was amazing in my last reading! I had a Clairvoyant reading which she mentioned major past lives I had. She mentioned vivid dreams. She even confirmed a reading I had prior from another lady, and it matched. Holy Crap! I was shocked and I couldn't believe she knew things that nobody knows. Man, I think it's the best past life readings I had. I never had this type of reading with so many details about past lives, and present activities. She even mentioned I love water, and being around it, and yes I do! haha. A lot of things she mentioned that tied my present issues. She was truly amazing on this one! She hit the bulls eye. I felt so happy after the reading. I feel like a new person. I was intimidated at first cause it seemed like she can see through me. But she looks like to me an Angel.

    thumb Marie M.
  •   As a person who has been struggling with anxiety and depression for years I couldn't be happier with my outcome. I never knew about hypnotherapy or thought it was an option for me. I contacted Bella via text and was very happy with her response so I booked an appointment. The process was easy and Bella makes you feel totally at ease. After my appointment I noticed I felt calm and worries were easier to move past. I had horrible travel anxiety in the past and after seeing Bella I can say I make it through a 5 day trip to a new place with almost no anxiety. If you have things in mind you want to work on contact Bella. I'm very glad I did.

    thumb Tracey S.

      Had my first reading with Bella, which focused on past lives.  It was amazing the various lives that were brought up and how each one has played a role in the issues in my current life.  Very insightful and brought clarity.  Definitely plan on booking a hypnotherapy as well as a tarot card reading next!  Bella is definitely gifted and you won't be disappointed.

    thumb Audrey K.
  •   I developed hives recently and couldn't understand what I was allergic to. Bella is truly amazing and has a way to keep you calm. She went down the list of all that I have (which is quite a list) but also stuff I already sorta knew about. My problem was not knowing what was causing it and Bella took her time to explain exactly what I have to do, what caused my illnesses, and even told me how long it will take for my body to heal.
    Please go with an open mind and ready to receive what Bella has to offer. I like to always go the natural route and truly believe food is the outmost best medicine one can take.

    Bella, I truly believe you are saving my life from developing a more serious illness. So blessed to have found you, I couldn't be more grateful for your honesty and true professionalism.

    thumb Edith G.

      I had my first reading with Bella a year ago and recently had my 2nd and 3rd . What she predicted would happen happened, she's always so accurate and provides me with solid guidance going forward. I highly recommend booking a session with her.

    thumb Chimere W.
  •   I had a tarot / oracle cards reading with Bella on Friday 2/17/23 and I'm so glad I did. She has a wonderful presence. She truly is gifted and also possesses empathy and compassion.  She confirmed many things for me and even provided details that she could have only known through her gift.  I'm so thankful for her.  She is a blessing and a beaming light.

    thumb Sunny D.

      I was recommended to go to Bella by a friend of mine. I was needing some guidance and clarification on the direction of my life and career, Bella was the most empathetic and helpful! She hit the nail on the head with a lot of things I was inquiring about.

    She takes the time to connect with your energy for a moment and meditates on you beforehand, it allows you to settle in as well. She brings a peaceful and reassuring energy to the reading. Be prepared with questions to ask, even if it's open ended and general. I honestly had open ended questions that weren't to specific as I wanted to see where the reading would go. She even added questions of her own for me! I thought that was very cool of her to do.

    She gave me the sense of direction I was looking for and even timelines for almost every question as well as advice along the way which was nice. She talks to you like a friend. I look forward to going back to her sometime in the next year. Hoping to see how things play out. Thanks, Bella for the guidance and clarity during our reading. See you soon!!!

    thumb Melanie F.
  •   Bella is outstanding at what she does. I came to her for a tarot reading and was blown away at the insight I received. Much of the information Bella was sharing with me was not only useful, it was true to my experience. I'm thankful I took the leap of faith and trusted Bella in helping me find some answers I couldn't sort out myself. You can expect excellent service and a hospitable experience. Bella is a healer for sure. Thanks again!

    thumb Matthew C.

      Bella was incredible. Had just a one hour hypnotherapy session with her and I feel like a changed person. The session was a few weeks back but I wanted to make sure it lasted before I wrote a review. Happy to say it did.

    During the session, I felt such an intense amount of energy around me and I had never experienced anything like that before. I've always been skeptical of medium related things but my mind is now opening. I didn't think in a million years I'd pay someone for a tarot card reading (other than for pure entertainment) but am now considering it.

    One thing is for sure- definitely going back for more hypnotherapy- I'm 100% a believer of that now! Thank you Bella!!

    thumb Sheel G.
  •   Bella was amazing!  I like to start my New Year with a tarot reading.  Bella answered all of my questions thoroughly.  I absolutely will be recommending her to my family & friends.  I'm very picky with my readings, and reviews.  If you would like clarity, and or direction don't hesitate to contact Bella.  She's a sweet soul.

    thumb Malayan A.

      It has been a privilege to get attuned  by Bella for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 as practitioner/healer. It has been one of the best lessons I received and the way she had all the patience to answer each question and explaining every detail even if it's repetitive is definitely a sign of an amazing master. Thanks to Bella for the empowering experience and definitely looking forward to get my next level done once am ready!

    thumb Sanchita C.
  •   I have always been reserved and skeptical of services. However I came to place in my life where I felt compelled to know more. I'm a scientific and inquisitive person. My intuition said why not and I was happy to see high reviews about Bella. Over 1 million followers on social media. I found Bella to be  organized, thorough, considerate, educated on all matters, and having special talents. I am going to try  other services and am referring friends and family. I hope you are able to receive help and remove negative energies through her services.

    thumb Arthur L.

      I had two appointments with her and she was great both times. She addressed all the issues I had and also gave some recommendations after the session. I had great results after both sessions.

    thumb Raphaela P.
  •   I have seen Bella about 3 times for different services and each time I have left feeling with a sense of direction and calmness. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive and brings so much light. For sure she is gifted and really wants to help others so they can succeed and live their best lives. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is thinking about booking any of her services.

    thumb Elsie G.

      I had a Rikki Reading with Bella. Bella is so sweet and professional. I felt the amazing healing throughout the session. I was loving and just what I needed. After the session I felt so cleared and vibrant. Thank you, All the Best!

    thumb Jennifer L.
  •   honestly really disappointed. I was so excited about meeting with a true psychic, turns out she was completely inaccurate About everything, even With things happening currently in the present she was very off on. she said I would have my first boy next year and I'm literally pregnant with a girl when I met with her. so saddened that she's not the real deal. And I lost hundreds of dollars for a fake reading

    thumb Christine B.

      Bella was fantastic. Finally did it and scheduled an appt for a tarot reading. She's very good at what she does, and moves quickly. Experienced. She's a great communicator and precise with her responses. Hit the nail on the head more than once! I especially appreciated the insight and discussion about my health and what I could do to improve my lifestyle. I found Bella to be very kind, supportive and compassionate. Really enjoyed my time and I will certainly return. Highly recommend!

    thumb Rose H.
  •   I booked an appointment for one hypnotherapy session and happy I did. Bella made me feel comfortable and took the time to answer all questions through phone call and at the session. She was patient with me even when I was unsure during the session! I do feel after the session ended that my head wasn't heavy and felt light. I did feel calm and at peace at the end and will see in future situations if I react differently!

    thumb Meghana S.

      Bella is just ah-mazing. I got so much clarity with the tarot reading. My life has been a mess and Bella just unmessed it all. She was on point and nailed my every question starting with how accurate is tarot to all my personal questions. Don't think just go with her readings. She validated my feeling and gave me clarity on what my future holds. I am just going to follow what she said and wait for the predictions to come true. Love you so much Bella. Lots of gratitude your way. :) :) :)

    thumb Aditti R.

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