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  •   Okay so this hot cookie is a quick one.  I'm both scientific and spiritually inclined so it's like a crazy dance with me.  I went through some pretty emotional things and needed clarity and guidance.  I looked her up and her reviews and they don't disappoint.  She's well versed and omg fast.  She confirmed many things my other psychic stated and confirmed.  She's very precise and laid back.  She'll work with you and so flexible with timing and explaining.  I'm definitely going to get other modalities done with her and I'm excited to do so.  I'm skeptical, even with my spiritual side.  I'm a RN and wanting to become an NP.  So she was helpful.  I'll post updates as they come to pass.

    thumb Kelley M.

      Bella is incredible. The space is very calming and her warm energy and genuine care for her clients is clear from the moment you walk in the door.

    I saw Bella for a clairvoyant reading a few months after my father passed away. I had told myself before the appointment that if my father came through to Bella, I would know I was working with the right person. Sure enough Dad came through in the first few minutes and made his hilarious messages very known. I'll be continuing my work with Bella and wholeheartedly recommend anyone seeking the type of work she offers to look no further- you've found the right place.

    thumb Sheeva G.
  •   I came across Bella at a time of uncertainty in many different areas of my life. I decided to go with a tarot reading due to the flexibility it provided. I had a bunch of questions and she was able go through them quickly due to her being so direct and to the point.

    She was able to provide me with the clarity and answers I need to improve my situation. Overall, it was a great time and look forward to future readings with Bella!

    thumb Will F.

      I loved my tarot card reading with Bella! Even thought it was a remote service I still feel like we connected and that she provided details she wouldn't have been able to know. She gave me a sense of clarity and the bit of guidance I was seeking and helped me ease my anxieties.

    thumb Eunice A.
  •   Initially I was nervous since I had no idea what to expect but Bella had a sweet energy that calmed me down. I booked a clairvoyance reading and felt enlightened from the experience. I needed some guidance and spiritual healing and she provided that for me. It's really cool when you don't know someone but you can feel that they sort of see you beyond your physical and understand you. It's a very special experience. Bella is very talented and loving. I highly recommend her.

    thumb April S.

      I am writing to give Bella a great review! With all the craziness in 2020 going on I really wanted to make sure my chakras were vibrating at the right frequency in order to start living. I had never got reiki done but always had heard about it. Bella's space was very comforting as soon as I walked in. She had me lie down face up on a massage bed with clean sheets. As she began the session I immediately felt the energy and started to vividly experience seeing colors of the respective chakras that she was healing (purple, indigo, blue, green and yellow). Upon finishing the session I not only felt very relaxed but I felt I was vibrating differently. She had me drink a glass of water and made a book recommendation as well. The rest of the day I took it easy. But the next day I was feeling aligned and have started the process to get my life back together. I highly recommend Bella and her services. I will definitely be coming back and referring friends and family.

    thumb Nirav S.
  •   I didn't know what to expect; however, I was extremely satisfied with my session. Bella helped me understand my self better and gave me clarity. She is very detailed throughout the session and I recommend taking notes.

    thumb Christopher A.

      I had a reading with Bella earlier this afternoon, and all I can is wow. I have been in SUCH a depressive rut for nearly four months now, and immediately being in Bella's presence put me at ease. She is not only knowledgeable, but also comforting, warm, and personable. The space she provides is safe and friendly. She answered any and all of my questions, let me feel my emotions, and in just one hour, I truly feel that so many weights have been lifted. I feel reassured, have clarity, and have a better understanding of my self and soul. I wish I had better words to describe this experience, but I am new to these practices. Yet I can already say she is the best of the best. I will definitely return for future services.

    thumb Samantha P.
  •   I had a wonderful meeting with the fabulous Bella! Felt really good and informed when I left! What a great experience. I highly recommend going to her!

    thumb Jaclyn S.

      I had my first reading with Bella. She was referred to me by my sister. She has a lot of positive energy because I could feel it. She was very patient and clear with her responses. I felt I got value for my money.

    I have been to multiple tarot card readers but I found my experience with Bella incredible. This was my first reading with her and it was just a few days back so I do not know whether everything she said will come true or not but I feel confident she did the best she could to help me in that moment. I could feel the empathy and willingness to help in her voice.  As life starts to unfold I will have more visibility into the accuracy of her readings. I do not expect anyone to be 100 percent accurate. For now, I believe in everything she said and look forward to updating my review.

    thumb parul s.
  •   Bella was recommended to me by one of my cousins due to an issue I was going through that was a very very dark moment for me in my life but had overcame so I booked an hour session with Bella for a clairvoyant reading because I needed some answers on my own spiritual journey and felt I had lost my focus on my path.

    Bella's reading's were very straight to the point and so reassuring I felt at ease with every question that needed answered. Due to the Covid-19 virus that is around during this time, I was still able to feel her presence and energy through FaceTime and felt at ease once we connected. I've had many readings done before but with Experiencing my reading with Bella I would say was one of a kind.

    thumb Gisele G.

      I had a tarot card reading from Bella while asking some personal questions that I wanted to learn about a past family member, my diet, astrological signs, and my past lives. It was really informative and comforting. She is helping me improve myself and become aware of my strengths in this life. I felt really connected and happy afterwards. Definitely recommend!

    thumb Gina T.
  •   I had a FaceTime appointment with Bella. I have never had a reading before because I have always believed that they can't be true, however that is not the case anymore. I was going through some very difficult times in my relationship in which I was not sure which direction to take. There were some other things about my career/education path I was unsure about as well. Bella answered all my questions and gave me a lot more information than I was expecting. Bella is extremely good at what she does and is straight to the point. She is very easy to speak to and is very nice. I highly recommend Bella to anyone that wants to get an accurate reading. Bella was right. Everything she said with the issues I was struggling with, were correct and I am forever thankful for that because I now have peace of mind.

    thumb Jessica K.

      Bella is not just accurate in her readings, her demeanor also instantly puts you at ease.  She read my natal chart with complete accuracy and thoughtfulness, explaining the chart and as well as adding in when she was giving her own personal interpretation.  I look forward to booking more services from her in the future!!

    thumb Sarah G.
  •   I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bella. She is knowledgeable, welcoming, and extremely insightful. After my appointment  with her I was able to see things in an alternate perspective.  Her Reiki healing left me invigorated and feeling much healthier. Thank you Bella.

    thumb Talib H.

      I first became aware of Bella through yelp. Seeing the many five stars reviews, I felt confident that she would be able to give me a great reading. All I can say is that Bella was on point in clarifying some burning questions in my mind. The things she was able to pick up was amazing. If your looking for a gifted medium, look no further. She is number one for a reason. You will be blessed in many ways if you choose to book any of her services .

    thumb John Daniel B.
  •   I own a functional medicine clinic in Cupertino and send many of my patients to Isabella for hypnotherapy. She is truly gifted and simply amazing in her ability to transform my patients who have struggled with food addictions, PTSD, and phobias, to name just a few.

    She is truly an asset to the care that I provide and I trust her with my patients 100%. She is also extremely well versed in energy work (Reiki) and is extremely professional and passionate about healing and getting you better.

    If you are looking to remove subconscious blocks that are keeping you from attaining your full potential, well, look no further...

    thumb Daniel A.

      I had a tarot card reading with Bella and she was amazing  in answering all my questions and explaining what the cards meant..

    thumb Jeanette B.
  •   Due to Covid -19 I did a FaceTime with Bella, which she performed a Tarot reading. She was very nice and very helpful with all my questions I had about my life and what the future held from me. The more I asked about certain things the more she went into it and clarified every question I had. I got the 45min reading and it went by so fast. At the end she answered all of my questions and still had 5min. left where she preformed an intuitive body scan on me. I would recommend Bella to anyone that had questions about their life & future

    thumb Gilbert N.

      Found Bella thru Yelp, and I was more than satisfied with my reading everything she said helped me clear my mind. Highly recommend getting a session with her. 5 plus stars

    thumb Enrique A.

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