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  •   I have been to Bella twice, once for a reiki session and once for a tarot card reading. There are so many people in this business but Bella is top of her game. I could experience the wisdom in her words which she has gathered by pure hard work and experience. I did not know what to expect during the reiki session, so I gave in with 100% faith. After the session it felt like a burden of 1000 KG was lifted off my shoulders. In the following days my chronic sinus began to heal and my allergies vanished on the onset of spring( when generally it's the opposite at this time of the year).
    The tarot session was equally amazing, she was quick, answered all my questions, extremely knowledgeable and professional and she patiently listened to me as I walked through my problems!
    She will not mince her words but you will sure leave you empowered after the session.
    I highly recommend Bella, her services are unparalleled.

    thumb Mehek K.

      I took Bella's Reiki I and II course...what a beautiful soul she is! The class is limited to a maximum of two people and I was lucky enough to get one-on-one training from her.

    Her story of how reiki changed her life is amazing and inspiring. She gets to heart of what you need to know and shares her experience and tips to make your transition to your own practice a little smoother. She also gives you a short reiki session as part of your training and that experience was amazing. I highly recommend her training and her reiki sessions.  

    I haven't yet used her services as a reader but that's next on my list!

    thumb Tina H.
  •   Went to experience the supernatural side of life. My mom was so excited with her session with Isabelle, and I thought it would be another hocus focus but it turned out not. She even saw and spilled something that my mom couldn't tell me about, and i felt so shocked embarrassed in front of her. She also give us some important dates and events.

    She's really nice and warm. I would see her again

    thumb Rubielyn Vhiely C.

      I have worked with Isabella a few times now; maybe 5-6 sessions or so. She is very accurate and able to handle a good amount of questions in the given time frame. Pretty much the best psychic medium I have ever encountered in the Bay Area. Definitely worth to start sessions with her.

    thumb Bk K.
  •   I have been to Bella for reading twice, both times I walked out of there feeling lifted and question answered. I was looking for direction and clarity for business and life decisions. I needed Bellas super power to help me to make some decisions because too much was going on at once and I was overwhelmed. I'm so glad Bella was able to help me! I'll  see her again if I need help.
    I can't wait to try Reiki with her.
    She definitely earned my trust and I'll recommend her to many friends.

    thumb Renee K.

      The best! Had the most wonderful experience with Bella. We connected instantly. She is very insightful and wise. I chose her for a reason and now I know why. Thanks Bella for the wonderful reading!

    thumb Marlene C.
  •   It was the most friendly relaxing experience. Most of my questions has been answered. The future dates has been forecasted, all we need to do is sit tight and wait for the timelines to come true.

    thumb Maricar C.

      Bella was a breath of fresh air.
    She was really accurate on things and made me feel very comfortable. She's very sweet and you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients.

    thumb Karen P.
  •   Isabella is a wonderful soul.
    I went to her at a time when I was on the verge of changing careers, and I was flooded with self-doubts about moving forward pursuing my passion. She very easily pinpointed the underlying cause of my insecurity, and suggested practical ways I could overcome this.

    It was a huge relief to understand the root cause of confusion that had plagued me for years. My hesitation has greatly reduced and by following her advice I feel more empowered every day.

    She even recommended a naturopath to help with some health issues.
    I'm so grateful for our session together, and I highly recommend her to anyone considering going to her for advice!

    thumb Sakura I.

      Bella was awesome! I took my reiki 1 and 2 combo class with her. For anyone looking to start reiki healing ASAP this is the teacher for you. She will teach you how to go thru your whole flow with customers and everything you really need to know in only 4 hours. This course really is set up for people who want to start a career or business in reiki which is my intention. A lot of other courses require around 16 hours and a 21 day gap in-between reiki 1 and 2 for the same certification that I received in 4 hours on a sunny Friday.  
    Bella is super understanding, easy going, intuitive, and incredible at what she does. To top it off she's absolutely gorgeous .... Just saying lol
    I really appreciated her honesty during the whole process. Prior to the reiki session she gave me I was having pretty bad knee pain. Well that went away for 3 days right after my session. #truestory
    The reiki attunement she gave me left me feeling properly aligned and extremely confident to start my path in healing myself and others.
    Thank you very much for your time  and sharing your gift unselfishly with the community. Keep doing what you do

    thumb Spencer S.
  •   I took my mother to Isabella for past life regression as she had fear of dark,flight,closed places and water.
    My mother was really scared but isabella treated her really well.she first calm my mother with reiki and it really helped my mom.
    My mom felt the difference in 2 sessions.

    I don't believe in this science before but now i do as i can see my mom getting better.

    I would definitely recommend Isabella for her great work and insight.
    My mother will definitely visit her again for hypnosis session.

    thumb Darshpreet N.

      Had a tarot reading involving some questions about relocating, and other issues. Initially, I just kept quiet and let Bella do most of the talking. As the session progressed, I would hear responses of specific insight that could be only relevant to myself, which frankly caught me off guard. This prompted me to become more engaging and asking of more questions, and being relayed more Insight into my situation. I was pretty impressed by the information given, and the amount of detail! Prior to the reading, I was a little skeptical about the price, and what I would be expecting. Wow! I believe Bella has a inborn talent to read into your situation to delivery clarity. I was at a crossroads in my life, and not knowing which direction to pursue. The session helped me greatly, and well worth!

    thumb Edgar C.
  •   Bella is wonderful! I went to her for a first-time tarot card reading and was a bit nervous, thinking the experience would be entertaining if nothing else. I had my list of questions and jotted down copious notes, she provided insight into future plans ranging from romance to career. It was quite fun to learn more about "what is in the cards" for one's own life, and it was very encouraging to hear some foresight. It was interesting to see what came up in the cards. Bella aptly stated present issues. The experience essentially gave a sense that issues would resolve themselves and things would turn out decently well. Mostly, she helped to put to rest unnecessary anxieties about the future and alleviated quite a bit of over-thinking on my part. Not only did I leave carrying less needless burdens and uncertainty, but mostly, I felt inspired about the prospects next to come.
    A thoughtful session with Bella can lead to greater life focus and productivity. And Bella is a delight to work with. She relates well with people and, because the tarot card reading leaves one feeling vulnerable at times, she shares her experiences as well. I cannot wait for another session, when I'm ready to hear more details about certain aspects, and how I can best position myself for the most fruitful outcomes. And, I am excited for her insights to come true!

    thumb Elaine C.

      My Tarot reading with Bella totally exceeded my expectations! I've had only one Tarot reading before her & I felt like it was way too vague. That wasn't the case with Bella at all! She listened carefully to all my questions & went into detail with all the answers!!!
    I've been in a tough spot in my life & recently started feeling stuck. I was looking for clarity & reassurance that I was on the right track & that I was making the right decisions. I needed motivation & felt like I needed to be steered in the right direction. I walked out of the reading feeling so confident & excited about what's to come. Bella, I can't thank you enough! From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you & your work!

    thumb Kassandra M.
  •   I went to Bella to gain some insight thru her intuitive gifts and many tools that she offers in her practice. The moment I walked through her door I felt her authenticity and sincerity that was straight from her heart in wanting to share her knowledge & assistance.
    The card reading she did for me was right on without any information
    about who I was or my story. I walked away with some new tools that resonated with me and found it quite fascinating. I believe in spirituality as we are all spiritual beings here on earth having a human experience not the other way around. So since our bodies are fields of energy it makes perfect sense that Bella, being born with her god given talents and gifts could be so intuitive and informative.
    I set up my next appointment for a Reiki session that I am so looking forward to as well.

    thumb Michele S.

      I had an amazing session today. I enlisted her assistance for past life regression. Everything Bella said resonated with me, even the ones that I did not expect. I remained open unguarded but made sure to listen to my intuition. She was very kind, straightforward, and she articulates things in a way that resonates well with your soul. There were times when I had visited similar specialists and I felt drained. In this case, I felt empowered. I'm going to book another session with her and I am excited to do so! I was also spiritually educated further by Bella and it was a topic  needed to feed my soul. I truly feel that I was destined to cross Bella's path. Anytime you see someone with her specialty, it's important that you go in there with an open mind, open heart, and the willingness to evolve above & beyond your current state. You might not always agree or like what you hear, but if everything life gave us was what we wanted then we would never learn or grow.

    thumb Rissa R.
  •   I just had my first tarot card reading with Isabella. Beautiful name, beautiful woman, but more importantly, a beautiful spirit. A first time meeting with a spiritual adviser, a metaphysical medium, or whatever one  calls this profession is a little unusual. I have no doubts about the existence of the spirit world,  but I believe there is a certain amount of "gift" involved in being able to connect to it and use it to help others. I was very comfortable with Isabella and felt her reading was very adept, and relevant. I look forward to maintaining counsel with her, and trying the other methods she uses to help clear the way.

    thumb Marji H.

      Isabella was very welcoming and made me feel extremely calm and comfortable during my tarot card reading. She knew things about my past, current situation and future that was 100% accurate. She really helped me get answers and a clear direction for my career path. She read into my health, career, current partner and future family. All my questions were answered and I was amazed! I will back back again and have already recommend my friends and family to book a session! Thank you Isabella my heart and soul truly feels at peace and excited what my future holds for me.

    thumb Lauren V.
  •   Personable and down to earth. I went in for a tarot reading and was extremely nervous. Bella made me feel comfortable throughout. To the point and explains what she sees.
    I didn't have enough questions for the amount of time I booked and was able to go through a guided meditation which really helped and lifted a weight off.

    thumb Rei F.

      I met with Bella for a clairvoyant session today and it was an awesome experience.   Bella was able to answer so many questions for me in an hour and I felt like she provided me with a sense of direction that I have really been lacking within myself for some time.  She was so sweet and down-to-earth, making me feel instantly comfortable talking to her.  She also just so happened to be incredibly knowledgeable in natural medicine and healing methods, which was SO nice to talk to her about.  She totally gets it.  I already want to try to plan another session with her and have recommended her to my family.  Thank you for everything, Bella!!

    thumb Sarah G.

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