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Most of the time, with the busy lifestyles we lead centered around work, and not so much around wellness, our chakras become imbalanced and our auras become fragmented or misshapen. Unless you are trained in meditation to restore and heal these important energy centers for yourself, it's essential to maintain them with treatments when you feel off balance with an experienced metaphysical healer.

I will work with all 7 of your chakras (from your Crown Chakra down to your Root Chakra) to ensure that they are all working correctly, open to the exact percentage for optimum functioning for your body, and clear of any negative energy, using meditation and clairvoyant techniques. Our chakras hold an incredible amount of information, including but not limited to: past lives, memories, traumas, destructive beliefs systems, negative self-talk, inherited patterns, learned patterns, subconscious level programming, habits, phobias, spirit guides, entities, cords, emotions, thoughts, feelings, pictures, dreams, etc. It is good practice to clean out your chakras if you feel like you are just not yourself anymore or you feel ungrounded. As I clean out your chakras, I will be looking for any negative energy that has gotten stuck there, and I will remove it, as well as send healing energy to the chakras I cleaned so that they can truly heal and be whole again.

In addition to a chakra cleaning, sometimes the chakras need balancing, which refers to making sure the chakras are all in alignment with each other and communicating with each other without blockages. The goal of a chakra balancing is to create a steady and consistent flow of energy between each of the neighboring chakras, so that healing energy can flow freely throughout the body without interruption or restriction. Ideally, healing Cosmic Energy should be able to flow down from the Sky and into the Crown Chakra of the client, and continue on through the Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras, and finally descend below the client through their Grounding Cord and into the Earth’s core as the final destination. Energy should also be able to flow the opposite direction with ease, from the center of the Earth’s core, up through the client’s Grounding Cord, into the Root Chakra, up the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, and finally ascend above the client back up through their Cosmic Energy channel to the Sky.

The Aura Fluff refers to expanding or contracting the client’s aura so that it is the proper distance around all parts of the body. The aura is most comfortable at 18 inches around the body on all sides - front, back, above the head, and below the feet. I will adjust your aura to the optimum position, which will reinforce your boundaries and rejuvenate your daily energy-- especially if you feel depleted. If your aura is too far out away from your body, you may pick up on everyone’s issues around you, since you are casting a wide net energetically. If your aura is pulled too close to you, others can easily intrude in your space or cross your boundaries since you do not have clearly defined energetic boundaries around your physical body. Lastly, I will guide you in a meditation to call back the missing pieces of your aura from past lives, past traumas in this lifetime, and anywhere else you may have left a piece of yourself behind due to life's challenges.

It's your choice of a Chakra Balancing, Aura Balancing, or Chakra AND Aura Balancing Session, depending on if you would like just one or both addressed in the same healing. I can do remote sessions as well as in person sessions, depending on your location and my availability.
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The Chakra & Aura Balancing can benefit any anyone who feels out of balance in any way with life, their health, mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Below are some common issues associated with chakra imbalances to help you identify if you need chakra or aura work.

  • 1st chakra imbalances - basic survival needs, health, and materialistic issues.
  • 2nd chakra imbalances - sexual, sensual, emotional, and reproductive issues.
  • 3rd chakra imbalances - personal power, control, and daily energy issues.
  • 4th chakra imbalances - life purpose, self love, and relationship issues.
  • 5th chakra imbalances - self expression, inner voice, and communication issues.
  • 6th chakra imbalances - self-reflection, memory, and clairvoyance issues.
  • 7th chakra imbalances - addiction, over-sensitivity, concentration, and learning issues.
Return and Refund Policy
Please read the ENTIRE Return and Refund Policy. By booking a session, you are consenting and knowledgeable of all of the below:

Your In-Person or Remote Session does not come with a full money-back guarantee if you feel you are unhappy with the information, service, communication, experience, booking, emergency rescheduling, you initiate a last minute cancellation, or otherwise. Therefore, do not book a service that you do not intend to keep, or you will knowingly consent to forfeiting your full payment amount. To date, I have never issued a single refund for any service - 100% of my customers have left happy!

Additionally, if we complete the full session and you have not indicated to me that the information I have provided for you is not sufficient or that it was not what you expected because you booked the wrong type of session, I will not refund your money. Sorry, but I always check at the beginning of the reading that you are signed up for the right service, to make sure that I am always giving my clients exactly what they want in a session - even if that means mixing and matching modalities to answer their questions (this is one of the reasons why my clients always leave happy!)

Bella reserves the right to change or update the Return & Refund Policy at any time for Metaphysical Medium LLC and any reading or other service rendered is NOT considered and will never be considered any sort of “contract” or legally-binding contract. The ONLY time the client is entitled to a FULL refund is if the client initiates a cancellation with more than 24-hours lead time of the start of the session AND the session has previously NOT been affected by an emergency business-initiated last minute reschedule. Full refunds of this nature must be requested by TEXT message only, and are not automatic when you cancel your session online - they are manually issued by the business. If the business has initiated an emergency last minute reschedule, the new appointment time-slot must be kept by the client and no cancellations or refunds will be allowed on the new time-slot.

If you are unhappy with how your session is going, please speak up or clarify your request, and we can easily change the direction the session is going to address your concerns.

If you leave unhappy about your session, instead of communicating with me about it, we missed a great opportunity to get on track and provide you with the experience you are actually looking for.

All clients must book appointments online (not over the phone or text), and no appointments will be honored without a confirmed booked timeslot that is paid for in advance.

Important: Previous No-Shows must pre-pay for any subsequent appointments and are also subject to cancellation fees, which include the FULL amount of the session you missed. You will not be able to book a new appointment until you pay for the one you missed, in addition to the new one you want to book.

Please remember to pre-pay with your Credit or Debit Card on the website, or your session will be cancelled 12-24 hours in advance of your start time.

I do consider my work energetic/spiritual in nature, not entertainment.

For your information, Stripe runs the back-end financial processing of my website, and they take out a $5 to $9 fee when I issue a refund to the customer. This is NOT money that goes to Metaphysical Medium LLC. This is money that goes to STRIPE for processing. Please be aware of this fee, and note that it WILL be taken out of your refund amount. The exact price Stripe takes out is based on which credit card carrier you use. This fee will NOT be refunded to you - so your cancellation does not entitle you to this fee back, even if you cancel before the 24-hour cancellation window.

Bella reserves the right to reschedule your session at any time if she has an emergency, becomes ill herself, or must care for a sick family member or pet. If any of these unforeseen circumstances occur, she will reschedule you to the soonest available time-slot and you are not entitled to a payment refund or a cancellation. You understand that by booking this appointment, if Bella needs to reschedule you for any last minute emergency, that you are waiving your right to a refund if you initiate a cancellation. If you choose to reschedule to a later date, your payment will be applied to your new time-slot and you will not be charged again.

If a client reschedules within the 24-hour window of their appointment, they will be subject to a 50% rescheduling fee. In order to reschedule, they will be charged 50% of the cost of their missed session or class.
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