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Buns & Guns
2 things I have lots of 💯


So proud to be a part of the graduating class of this year’s finest coaches. 🥳🎉🎈🎊

Next step is finish out my PhD in Metaphysical Counseling, and finalize 4 more Board Certifications:
—NLP Trainer
—MER Trainer
—Hypnotherapy Trainer
—Integrative NLP Coach

To add to the 4 I’ve already had for years:
—Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
—Board Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy
—Board Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
—Board Certified Practitioner of Mental & Emotional Release Therapy

The difference with these new Board Certs is that as a Trainer, I’m not just working 1:1 with clients, I can now CERTIFY others and host my own workshops for Hypnotherapy, MER, and NLP. However, I will be going a slightly more nuanced route and be incorporating the above PLUS combining it with my knowledge of holistic / naturopathic physical body healing to empower clients to have mental, emotional, and physical health breakthroughs.

Can’t wait for my workshops to begin❣️


Lots and lots and lots of hours studying for my PhD. 😅


Educate yourselves about virology and immunology before you go jabbing yourself with something non effective, non FDA approved, and with more reactions in VAERS database than any other ♈️ from the past.

Did you know that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla hasn't received his company's Covid-19 vaccine shot yet, saying he and other executives will not "cut the line" as U.S. officials kick off a massive effort to distribute the vaccine across the country. Ummm… since when did bigwig Execs NOT cut in line and take full advantage of their benefits, especially if this is a “lifesaving” medication? 🙄😂

Did you know that the CHIEF SCIENCE OFFICER of Pfizer Michael Yeadon stepped down when Pfizer pharmaceutical broke news for manufscturing the Covid-19 vaccine? The former vice president and Chief Scientist of the company said that there is no need for any vaccine to end the ongoing pandemic and has since been an activist working to end the vaccine due to his research showing that it is unsafe.

Did you know that this is the FIRST EVER vaccine insert to be COMPLETELY BLANK!? Where are the ingredients? Where are the toxins warnings and potential adverse reaction disclaimers? NOTHING. Just a GIANT ROLL of blank paper … ask your doctor… they are baffled too by this.

Don’t search on MSM for this stuff, you won’t find it. Go hit the pavement and do research yourself on the ground floor, or talk to someone who works in virology/ immunology, or talk to a parent of a child or loved one who died from an adverse vaccine reaction. There are also many accounts online who DO report the truth and have science-based effective investigative journalism, as well as Telegram channels led by some of the world’s biggest name and respected doctors speaking out against this madness.

Also, I used to work at NBC, and I’ll tell you right now from what I saw firsthand, 90 PERCENT OF WHAT YOU SEE ON THE NEWS IS BULLSHIT OR IF IT’S NOT IT’S CURATED FOR AN AGENDA, ESPECIALLY BIG PHARMA.
IF YOU HAVEN’T worked in it, and you DON’T understand virology and immunology like I do, then go do some research to get plugged into REALITY.



In 21 days, I’ll be completely trained, prepped, and exactly where I need to be, to lead massive trainings from stage for hundreds to thousands of people at a time.

So if I’m a little absent from social media lately, don’t worry, I’m hard at work on some amazing things❣️

Getting trained by the best, who were trained by Tony Robbins.

“We stand on the shoulders of the giants who have walked before us.” ⭐️

Oh and also, full time PhD again, picking up the pace rapidly to finish that long 5-year journey within this year.

It’s not the destination ✈️ it’s the journey 👣

And I can’t wait to share with you all what I’ve been working on, from the big stage this time❣️🥰❤️


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