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Don’t forget to go out and Vote today so idiots won’t run the country!
There is still time after work today to do so and so many polling places to choose from!!!!


You know you’re doing a good job as a mama when they have that look in their eyes 🤩 and that’s all that truly matters 🙌💯


Pumpkin Patch fun with my big girl Halloween weekend 🎃😍😘

Best massage of my life!!!
Thank you so much, Chi at RLD! 🥰
I’ll definitely be seeing you very soon again 🙌🏻❤️🙏🏻😴

✨FLOOF BOOP X 4 👉🏻🐽✨


Hi lovebugs,
You may have noticed I haven’t been on here too much lately doing my normal “blogging” in the last few months.
I try to only spend the time on here that makes sense right now since all my other projects are taking a lot of my current attention…
I do try to post stories daily with helpful information, but I just haven’t been called into writing long pieces lately about the topics I used to write a lot about.
Of course my first priority is serving my clients to the best of my ability - so that’s where I’ve been most of this time.
But I’ve also been in school, traveling with my daughters 3 competitive dance teams for 6 months, taking her to practice 6x / week, working on expanding my business into more of a health-focus, I’m interviewing to hire, as you know we just got a new puppy in May who is finally potty trained and sleeping through the night, and my fiancé and I fine-tuned our e-commerce business that had a few growing pains, but is finally off to a good start. I am gearing up for my daughter’s 4th grade school year, which will be her most challenging yet, and starts in 1 week.
There’s also homework, running a full-time global business, managing the house, the finances, the dogs, cooking 4-5 times a week, taxes, and our projects expanding our various businesses, I just haven’t wanted to be blogging much.
I’m ALSO supposed to be planning a wedding lol and I guess while every girl dreams of this, that’s just not me… it’s been 10 months and the only thing I’ve done is just barely found the venue I liked last night and beyond that I’m like 2026…??? Because planning events is so meh to me 🤦‍♀️
With blogging, maybe when things slow down I’ll feel like it again, but I’m not the type to force myself into anything that doesn’t feel good - I’m highly sensitive, so everything has to FEEL right to me.
I hope you can understand.
As I work towards finishing schooling and creating my next offerings, which will primarily be health related workshops and coaching, I’ll have free time again.
Until then your girl is just hyper-focused, like a cocooned Capricorn, thinking, studying, mulling over ideas, and using a to-do list to keep me sane 😵‍💫😂🥰❤️

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