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Let me tell you about Heaven ☁️…

It is a place on Earth 🌎

In my experience, it’s:
hard work + the choices you make + healing + love


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my world @therealvansr ❣️

I truly can’t put into words what you mean to McKenna and I.

You are the best partner I could ever imagine having, an amazing daddy to all the kids, the ultimate protector and provider, and my other half.

You make life so easy and purely full of joy. You naturally give so selflessly, and I know after all we have accomplished together that there’s nothing we can’t do. There’s no greater feeling in the world than waking up everyday next to the person who you love beyond measure and enjoy spending every waking minute with.

Thank you doesn’t even come close.
But thank you for all you do and are, as well as the unconditional love you share with us. ❤️💕💋
I can’t believe I get to marry the sexiest daddy in the world damn world! 😭😍🫠

BF & GF.
She knows the age gap is where it’s at!🙌🏻💯😍😘💕💋


Happy 8 months engageversary 💍 to my handsome man, protector, provider, and best friend. ❤️
I am thankful everyday for you coming into my life, and the beautiful life we live.
I love you with every ounce of my being.
Spending a lifetime with you could never be enough, so I’m thankful you are my Heaven on Earth. ❤️💋


This is Penelope at 10 weeks (now) and Monstro at 10 weeks (Feb 2018), and it blows my mind because both of these photos were completely UNPLANNED.
The photo of Monstro was snapped after he stole McKenna’s yogurt cup, ate it, and got yogurt on his cute little nose, so I had to take a pic 🥹😍
I took this photo of Penny the other day when I accidentally dropped a tub of sour cream out of our fridge onto the kitchen floor, and of course she ran over and started licking it right up, getting it all over her precious face, so I had to take a pic 📸
It wasn’t until after I took the pic of her and cleaned up the mess that I realized and remembered that 4 years ago, I had taken a photo of Monstro with food on his nose, in the EXACT same location, at the EXACT same age of 10 weeks. 😱😲🤯
WHAT are the odds!?
Totally mindblown by that weird coincidence.
Guess they really were meant to be a couple❣️😆


Penelope’s First Puppuccino in Marin @starbucks🥤😍😂
She absolutely loved it, as you can see by the video.
I sound weird because I had dental work done before this and my tongue was numb AF lol 😝
She is one spoiled doggo 🐶❤️


Thank you to my daughter, McKenna, and my handsome fiancé for the most amazing Mother’s Day❣️❤️
Woke up to some beautiful flowers, my favorite Starbuck’s, some sweet cards and sweet gifts my daughter bought with her own piggy bank money - SO thoughtful! They also took me out to eat at my favorite boba and eggroll place, King Eggroll - if you know, you know!!!
The sweetest day with my Loves❣️👨‍👩‍👦🥰💕

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