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Our self-love and self-worth comes from our 4th chakra, our heart center.
I see so many people day in & day out with self love issues.
It’s important to remember that how we love ourself, others love us. Because the universe only ever matches & mirrors what we give it.
“As above, So Below.”
It means what you create in the higher realms (your Unconscious Mind, your Higher Self, & your Mental thoughts), gets translated into the lower realms (on Earth & into the physical plane).

If you asked me years ago if I would be where I am today, I would have said yes & I would have said no. Without a doubt, I knew my capabilities of the trajectory of my career, but I wasn’t sure if I would step into my full power & path.
That was a major lesson in self-worth. I had to look deep into who I was as a person & accept it wholeheartedly. I’ve re-invented myself so many times, that sometimes I questioned: Was I doing it too much?

As in individual, I am highly adaptable, a high achiever, a visionary, & a “Type A” personality... as well as like the Phoenix. I’m a Scorpio rising, so burning things down to the ground to come out with a new version of myself or my situation is very comfortable for me. It’s how I get things done quickly, & I find although sometimes the lessons may be “painful,” I’d rather take a quantum leap forward, than waste my time.
After all, time to me, is my most precious commodity. It’s the one thing I can’t get back.

It breaks my heart when my clients struggle with self-love & self-worth.
The biggest thing I want them to know is that it comes from INSIDE.
Don’t seek it elsewhere in parents, in friend approvals, or in co-dependent romantic won’t sustain. Reach deep down inside yourself & pull it out of that heart center. Wear a green stone to help activate that chakra if you have to. Practice whatever ACTION(S) you must do to fulfill yourself in terms of filling you self-love bucket.
When you do this, actively, your reality shift.
The vibration of self-love is powerful, just like gratitude.
Put self-love out into the universe & it will give you powerful loving situations back.
How beautiful.

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Halloween 2019 was one for the books 👻🎃
I’m not sure why Silicon Valley considers it a 2-week holiday, but hey we had a blast!
I’m super glad the next holiday isn’t until a month from now 😂
We bounced in the bounce houses at our local pumpkin patch every weekend leading up to Halloween; saw the 1st Music Night at McKenna’s piano school; volunteered at the Humane Society for McKenna’s Girl Scout Troop; painted a pumpkin & did a pumpkin book report for McKenna’s 1st big long-term school project; enjoyed her school’s Annual Halloween Party w carnival games, family style dinner w parish friends, costume contest, haunted house made by the school dads, & Trunk or Treating with the parents’ decorated cars; McKenna’s music school’s giant Trunk or Treating block party after; carved pumpkins with Grandma; walked in the Halloween Parade; spent a special day with McKenna’s 2 eighth grade buddies exchanging Halloween treats & fun times; dressed up as a family-even the dogs- & went trick or treating in our neighborhood; got more candy than we could ever eat over 2 weeks; & roasted all our pumpkin seeds we harvested from our 3 pumpkins.
My house looks like a fraternity party ransacked it, I’m running out of places to hide this massive batch of candy that has to go, my kid’s room looks like a tornado hit it, I still have my suitcases from Hawaii sitting in my garage, about 30 packages I’ve yet to unpack from being gone traveling, we’ve somewhat adopted a Nigerian neighbor kid who got kicked out of his house that Damon found crying at a bus stop, as well as a 60-something year old widower who likes vodka a little too much & rides around like a torpedo motorcycling but is funding all our motorcycle flipping, my suv is rattling, my truck is missing a hose, the Lexus is missing a headlight, our nanny’s Acura got a flat & blew a tail light, & the Harley is getting a new engine ... 5/7 vehicles are down Lol, & somehow we ended up with an extra fucking motorcycle trailer taking up my only garage; oh & my backyard is full of ugly misfit motorcycles slowly turning into swans.
It’s been an interesting month. 😂
But my house remains a revolving door of endless love & laughter. #priorities

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1️⃣. 6 months of travel done, finally, this week.
We’ve been to Los Angeles, Shaver Lake, Ashland Oregon, Salt Lake City Utah, and all over the Big Island of Hawaii.
So many amazing experiences, memories, people, and photos to share. Tired is an understatement, especially after going from Utah timezone east, straight to Hawaii timezone west.
And it was all perfect.
Wouldn’t change it for the world.
I still haven’t found the time to share all of my @doterra Convention photos, or the most recent trip- Kohala Coast Huna Photos. Will do sometime next week I’m sure.
I have sooo many to go through.

In between my full load of clients, and spending tons of time with my daughter and my puppies, who I missed OH SO MUCH, I’m in the midst of a major CREATION cycle! 🥰😍
Creating is such a beautiful, fun, exciting, and magical energy! I JUST LOVE IT! 😆

My attention is LASER focused right now, and I just LOVE that FEELING, coming off a tiring high of 6 MONTHS of travel almost nonstop. Trip after trip is such a good pattern interrupt.
Back to reality, is so calming after restaurants, planes, rental cars, and new beds.
What am I creating?
Well, it’s PURE MAGIC!
And so fitting, that we just came back from Huna... a modality so focused on magic.
I’m juggling my current load of clients, whom I love and ADORE, both new and old.... with the launch of a brand new baby company, made from scratch with my biz partner @shane.dpc ...and let me tell you — things are getting REAL real fast!!! With a logo and our 1st tax payment, I can feel it emerging from all of our dreamings, meetings, and manifestations. It’s going to provide a form of healing, as you would expect, in the most satiating way 🤤
I can’t give you any details though until it’s HERE! 😉

The second thing I’m dyinggg on the inside of ALL THE GOOD FEELS about is that @mac_damon has begun taking clients officially this week, and I couldn’t be more proud of him! He’s worked his ass off and to have my life partner working alongside me in this realm just feels surreal! PINCH ME NOW!! 🤩 His rates will be cheaper than mine since he’s starting as a Practitioner, but get in now while you can
Continued ⬇️

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