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Received my official letter today from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners that I have been approved for my 4th Board Certification!!!!! 🥳🎉🎈🎊
I am now a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. 💃🏼🙌🏻💯
Over the moon right now!! 😆😄🤗

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Received this beautiful gift in the mail today from my besties @ro_lyfe_ @c.white.2790 @ewilsonnn for @mac_damon and I’s 1 year anniversary 😍🥰
Thank you ladies so much for the incredibly thoughtful gift - you are the absolute best! 💝
We love it sooo much❣️❣️❣️

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Happy Birthday Grams!💕
I know you’re here with me and our family every step of the journey.
You passed almost 3 years ago now, but time hasn’t faded any of our memories.
They will still always be my favorite.

I miss you more than I could ever put into words — but at the same time I don’t because you’re in everything I do — especially my work.
Thank you for everything you taught me.
I’ll be forever grateful.
It doesn’t get any easier every year that passes. The only part that does is that I know I’m probably one year closer to getting to see you in Heaven.

I really miss everything we used to do together ... especially cuddling in your comfy bed while reading our favorite books or watching spiritual documentaries. Having way too make drinks of Jack Daniels and staying up way too late talking on the patio about life. Waking up hungover to your bomb ass breakfasts, and watching you dance around the house to good music. Celebrating our birthdays together was my absolute favorite.

There’s so many memories and so many conversations we had that I wish I could put them all into a time capsule or teleport myself back to those times to relive them just one more time in person.

I’m so glad my daughter got to be around you, and I wish my husband had.

Thank you for picking me up off the floor countless times and putting me back on my path.
I can’t thank you enough for everything you ever did for me.

Until I can cheers you again where the booze doesn’t count, and you can point your bony index finger at me and make me question who I am with your famous “Who are you” me a comfy spot next to you with a good book.

I love you. ❤️

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Here is our recent magazine feature for @metaphysicalmedium 🤗😍🤩

Always working to bring our clients the most high quality services, as well as offering the widest portfolio of Metaphysical services in the Bay Area. ✨
As a special Thank You to our clients, we are unveiling our full list of services for 2020, beginning with our 15 exciting new ones!!!
🌀Superfood Body Detox Program
🌀Neuro Linguistic Programming
🌀Mental & Emotional Release Therapy
🌀Healing By Frequencies
🌀SE-5 Radionics
🌀Breakthrough Sessions
🌀Dream Analysis
🌀Lifestyle Overviews
🌀House Clearings
🌀Themed Essential Oil Kits
🌀Custom Essential Oil Blends
🌀Tantric Intimacy Classes
🌀Medical Reiki (Operating Room Administered)
🌀Life Coaching
🌀Tarot/Oracle Card Reading’s
🌀Clairvoyant Reading
🌀Reiki Reading
🌀Reiki Session
🌀Animal Reiki Session
🌀Reiki Classes
🌀Chakra/Aura Balancing
🌀Past Life Regression
🌀Astrology Natal Chart Reading
🌀Astrology Compatibility Reading
🌀Crystal Consulting
🌀Essential Oil Consulting
🌀Nutritional Consulting
🌀Meditation Coaching
🌀Metaphysical Business Consulting
🌀Marriage Officiation

This brings our full list of Metaphysical & Healing Services to 32!!! Wow we have come far in just 3 short years. 🎊

Most of the New services are already added to our website for your ease of booking, but a few have yet to be added since we are still writing up the description content. If there is something that interests you that you don’t see yet on the website, shoot me a DM or a text and I’ll get you sorted. 🤗

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and healing 2020! 💋

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If you are on the fence about purchasing my services & want to, here is a Christmas/Hanukkah discount code you can use for 10% off any of my services (minus Hypnotherapy & Healing by Frequencies because those are very specialized sessions around mental health & physical health). All other services apply though and there are tons! 🤗

Use Code: HEALING10

Also, if you’ve considered joining any of the brands I rep as a Wellness Advocate, many of them have their own amazing Christmas/Holiday deals that are saving people hundreds off their products. So now is the time to jump on the bandwagon! DM me to join any of my teams to use healthier products, earn passive income, & get mentored by me! ❤️
Here are the products I rep so you can see if one aligns with you:
—@puriumhp: best high quality organic superfoods/cleanses/supplements on the market.
—@doterra: organic, potent, individually third party batch tested, ethically sourced essential oils that are medicinal grade.
—@beautycounter: clean makeup without the known 1,800 extremely toxic ingredients in our everyday brands, & the quality is amazing.
—@norwex: chemical-free cleaning/household products, using silver infused bacloc technology to smother & kill 99.9% of viruses & bacteria, a perfect solution to my highly sensitive clients.
—PFA: the best life insurance policies out there that have extremely customizeable plans, & also only company to offer Chronic Illness Insurance & pay you out your policy funds if you become chronically ill (aka you DONT have to die to get paid out your life insurance!).

I’m happy to answer any questions about any of the above products, send out samples, or do product showcases for anyone interested. If you’re simply just ready to enroll, DM me or click the links in my bio! 🥰

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Not too much new stuff to report today... it was a normal day in terms of the cleanse, but a very busy day with normal life.

I had to wake up wayyy earlier than normal this morning to meal prep for a day out with my daughter, knowing I wouldn’t be home untjl late at night. So I packed both of my meals, all of my snacks & capsules, as well as made my Power Shake.

Our first outing was for another Girl Scout event. We went to the Center for Performing Arts San Jose 🎭 to see the Nutcracker with the Troop! It’s been about 10 years since I saw the Nutcracker, & this rendition was by far my favorite because it was heavily focused on the ballet vs the show being “scary”... it was much more watered down for kids & the dancers & costumes were amazing!!!
We got their wayyy earlier than the show to attend a special Girl Scout Tour of the entire behind the scenes production. We saw the changing rooms, costume repair room, all the props backstage, the crew’s area, all the tutus & costumes, & even got to watch the dancers warm up with their coaches. It was definitely a treat for the girls! 🩰

Then we went to lunch Downtown, & while everyone ate diner food 🤮, McKenna & I ate the food I packed, which was healthy chicken breast, watermelon, honey, some couscous with onions & mushrooms, as well as some carrots. Feeling super full on that & my Power Shake, I wasn’t even tempted to eat junk food or theatre food. 🙌🏻💯

The girls LOVED the ballet, & of course many of them now want to be professional dancers 💃🏼 They were on the edge of their seats the whole time. 😆

After the ballet, we headed to Target & Dollar Tree for stocking stuffers & Christmas wrap. 🎄Straight from there, we went to my lash appointment, then rushed home to get to bed.

Looks like the @puriumhp @puriumtribe products held up well 2 days in a row while I ran around like a crazy person with very little time! Easy, convenient, cost effective, & efficient- for a busy mompreneur on the go, this is EVERYTHINGGG! ☺️

PS- weighed myself today and I’m down 10 lbs in 8 days... 💪🏻
DM me if you want info on my cleanse! 💋

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I’ve made it exactly one week on the cleanse so far, & man that just FLEW by!!! It honestly happened way faster than I would have imagined!
Today I worked all day with clients (the usual for me since I like to take Thursdays & Sundays off), & straight from there I went to pick up some motorcycle tires for my hubby, then took my daughter to her Winterfest Girl Scout Event. Winterfest is when all the kids make 6 crafts or baked goods each, get together at a local mason lodge, they all get 6 fake dollars to buy stuff, & they have a shopping spree! 🛍 A few hundred kids participate since it’s all the local troops & what you get is a super cool shopping experience for the kiddos without having to worry about real money. The girls just LOVED the event, & I packed my dinner to go so I wouldn’t feel tempted by all the baked goods, since I haven’t cheated yet on my cleanse once.

We got home from Winterfest after a long day/night & I was whooped! Sooo tired from a big week of Christmas & school fun. I got super hungry right before bed so I had to eat an extra meal with carbs that was not allotted for my meal plan/cleanse, & I also ended up having some chocolate because all those bad foods around me tonight really got the better of me 😭😭😭😭 I was sooo good until I got home. Sh*t! 😭🤦🏼‍♀️
But anyways, I’m just trying to remind myself that I’m human & not to feel too guilty about it because I’ve already made it 7 days with no mess ups & lost 8 lbs today.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy because I need to get up way earlier than normal, so me & my daughter can go to the Nutcracker Ballet. 🩰 We got tickets to the ballet, as well as backstage passes to meet the dancers, see the dressing rooms, & get a tour of the venue before the show even starts. We will be doing Girl Scout/ballet stuff from 11-4pm, so I better pack my snacks, Shake, & meals so I don’t have to starve or get tempted by theatre food. 😬
I’m really excited to see the Nutcracker though, it’s been years since I have! 🤗

I’ve had a handful of clients reach out to me for info about the @puriumhp cleanse I am doing, & if you want info, just shoot me a DM! 🥰

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Our handsome boys will be 2 & 3 in only 1 week! 🐶🐶
They are best friends, play 24-7 ALL DAY LONG together, & even sleep together. Besties for life, one never goes without the other.
From the day we brought Monstro home, they have been like twins.
They are local celebs at the groomers, & their groomer always makes sure to have a festive bandana ready for them every two weeks when they get a bath. She hand picks the material and cuts them to their sizes. So precious.
I love these two more than words can say. 😍

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