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  •   Loved - clear, practical, and insightful. Signing up for my second reading! Bella is kind, non judgemental, and clear in her messages.

    thumb Bhavi A.

      I had a great 30 minute tarot reading session! Bella was very straightforward and provided such detailed answers to my questions! I was able to ask quite a lot of questions within 30 minutes. I feel very positive and more at peace after the reading. Definitely recommend Bella!

    thumb Taran K.
  •   I went out to lunch with a former coworker and she mentioned that years ago she had a reading with Bella and so I decided to book a one hour tarot reading that same day for a month out. Little did I know so much would change in a month and there would be more questions than I already had to ask her. What timing!

    First she asked if she could connect with me and needed about a minute to connect with me. The she asked me to state my name three times to start the reading. The I asked away. I was amazed at what she had to say because it was so specific and it should be interesting how these next few years play out. I will have to update my review. One thing I noticed was that she did not ask me questions for clarification- I asked the focused question, she lay the cards on the table and then answered according to the cards. She was empathetic and I will definitely see her again!

    Thanks Bella!

    thumb Janette L.

      I met with Bella via Zoom and she helped me tremendously. Bella shed light in the 5 key questions I had and needed guidance. Bella was spot on. She read into things no one could possibly know about my relationship issues. Although difficult to hear, I'd rather hear the truth from the tarot and a medium than continue wasting precious time in my life. She helped me push through some fears in my life as well. Change can he good. It's better to move forward than cling to what will never be. I plan on continuing with hypnotherapy with Bella to continue my healing process and rehearse the toxins, and re-gain self-confidence. I highly recommend Bella. She has a gentle yet strong presence. Think about your questions carefully and he prepared. I'm grateful I contacted her.

    thumb Trina P.
  •   I had my 2nd reading with Bella today (my first one was back in 2020), and as per usual, I am very happy with my session. I love how she listens & understands my questions and answers them straight to the point with no fluff. Her rate may be slightly higher than the other readers, but trust me it's SUPER WORTH IT! She can give you the best guidance and the reassurance you need.

    Also, she may be busy during her open hours with other readings/sessions but she definitely replies to inquiries/messages within the day.

    Thank you, Bella :) See you on my next reading!

    thumb DA A.

      Bella is a wise woman who is educated in many departments from spiritual guidance to simple health topics. Through working with her, my healthy living journey has blossomed. Her skills, knowledge, and coaching surrounding nutrition and health are where I'd give the most praise. I have found deep benefits in those areas which have naturally spilled over and benefited other areas of my life. Not sure what your question might be, but she most likely has an answer...or at least can be the guide you need to find the answer yourself.

    thumb Tiffunny S.
  •   Bella is absolutely amazing and so talented. I did an hour tarot card reading and everything she said and brought up was spot on. This was my first reading and I wasn't sure of questions to ask or how to navigate the process. Bella helped guide me through the reading. I highly recommend Metaphysical Medium!

    thumb Jackie F.

      In reading all the wonderful reviews about Bella and her services, I decided to make an appointment for a Clairvoyant reading for myself and an Animal Reiki Session for my dog.  Both sessions were amazing!  

    The hour that was spent on the remote Clairvoyant session was definitely eye-opening and intriguing.  With the limited amount of information that I provided Bella beforehand, she was able to look into 5 of my past lives and describe to me the personalities of each person or animal that was me in the past.  The precise personality traits and details that she was able to provide about each individual gave me so much insight into understanding how I've become the person that I am today.  Then, to wrap up the session, she goes into answering any future questions I had and finally a clearing at the very end. After the hour, I felt more in-tuned with myself... like a weight had been lifted off of me.  It was such a wonderful feeling and experience.

    My dog Turbo had a great first Reiki healing session with Bella.  Turbo is 16 and his spine and hind legs aren't working like how they use to.  I've heard nothing but good things about Reiki, so I figured we should see Bella in person and give it a try to see if Turbo's aging body would feel any better after the session.  Bella worked very hard for that hour and it was evident on the ride home. Turbo slept soundly and peacefully in the car.  It was quite a sight seeing how calm, relaxed and happy he was after his session.

    I would highly recommend Bella and her services for anyone considering a session with a psychic.

    thumb V C.
  •   I had a reading with Bella last week and couldn't be happier with my session. She took the time to really understand and answer all questions I had with kindness and patience. Thank you Bella! I'll be coming back for more :)

    thumb SN A.

      I find myself only posting reviews when I feel strongly about a person, service, or establishment. This is one of those positive times.
    I've read a great number of positive reviews so I thought to give Bella a try with a 45 minute reading. I went in with a very open mind and especially since she also practices Reiki, I know she has a special gift of intuition.
    Like many during this strange time I started questioning the direction of my life, relationships, and career. I felt a bit stuck. I mean 2 years have flown by and I felt like I was in the exact spot. I needed someone outside of my circle to "Just give me some direction" I couldn't have chosen a better person to ask.
    With the questions I had her responses were very direct and specific. I was anticipating some possible vagueness in her response but that was never the case. We got through all of my questions. I even asked her question about my dog's issues and without hesitation she listed out things that can help.  
    In the back of my head, I had my own answers and it was nice to know that I'm not too far from the direction I was considering. She definitely brought up things that were very specific to who I am so that made feel even more assured of the results of the reading.
    Afterwards I felt hopeful and excited. It was as if someone gave me a life reboot, a new outlook on the same life but this time I have the tools of knowledge and a little more confidence for what's to come. Thank you, Bella for sharing your gift.

    thumb Eunice F.
  •   I did a reiki session to help with symptoms of multiple post partum health challenges and it actually helped. Traditional western medicine left me with no treatment options except waiting and watching so I sought out alternative therapies. I didn't have any knowledge of how or why reiki works and I still don't, but I'm so glad that I took a friend's suggestion and tried it. It's like pressing a reset button!

    thumb Sarah E.

      My Tarot card reading session with Bella was phenomenal. When the discussion was around my health, Bella gave me helpful guidance. I truly appreciate the insightful session. Thank you Bella!

    thumb Radhika J.
  •   I had a 45-minute session with Bella. She was direct and to the point, she answered my questions quickly and we were able to cover a lot in that time period. The reading seemed accurate and reassuring. Of course I will have to wait and see if what she predicted will actually happen, but the present situation was accurately described. I would recommend the Tarot reading if you have a lot of specific questions, but not if you want a long session to discuss only one issue you're seeking clarity on. Perhaps she has other services for that.

    thumb Ivana A.

      I highly recommend Bella and will definitely have another reiki session with her!

    thumb Helen Z.
  •   I booked an hour long session Hypnotherapy.  I needed to get past fear that had been with me as long as I remember.  I also was ready to shed sadness that had been with me all my life.  Lastly I needed clearing on energetic energies that had attached to my energy field and were trying to pull me down.  Bella addressed all I had asked.  I shed the fear and the sadness.  
    All energies I now hold are pure divine love.  
    Thank you Bella.

    thumb G Z.

      I recently did a tarot card reading with Bella and she was AMAZING! I've had about 6 readings in my life and hands down, this was the best experience!! I appreciated her delivery of information, she was efficient and straight to the point. Not a lot of fluff which allowed for me to ask about 9-10 questions, instead of the 4-5 that I'm used to within an hour's time. I was also impressed with her vast knowledge and services offered. Her qualifications listed on her website is extensive, this was the very reason I decided to give it a try! The reading far exceeded my expectations! In fact, two of the items we spoke about have already played out within 2 weeks of having my reading done.

    Thank you Bella for the incredible experience and for providing the guidance and reassurance I was seeking!

    thumb Balinder R.
  •   Thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki session with Bella, and felt lighter and more clear afterward. Looking forward to booking more sessions with her.

    thumb Stephanie B.

      I've never had Hypnotherapy before but I feel much lighter after my first session with Isabella and comparatively to what I have been struggling with it's like night and day. I highly recommend her for this service and plan to go back to her for a few other services. For someone new to this and not sure if it would or could be effective for me, I am so happy I gave it a chance. Thank you Isabella!

    thumb Mena K.
  •   Becoming Reiki certified has been on my bucket list for quite some time. But life and Covid happened and it went on the shelf. When I was ready to start searching for a Reiki Master to teach me, I kept running into roadblocks, mostly people who just were not practicing or teaching anymore. I also saw I could take online reiki classes for cheap, but that just did not seem legit to me. So I started an internet search and The Metaphysical Medium came up. This pleasantly surprised me because I had received a Reiki healing from Bella, the Metaphysical Medium, several years back and was super impressed. With previous Reiki healers, I don't really remember feeling the energy, but when Bella placed her hands above certain areas, I could feel the energy moving, and I knew she had located my "blocks."
    So it was a no-brainer to seek the Metaphysical Medium out and ask if she was still teaching. And luckily she was.
    I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality and care the Metaphysical Medium took with teaching Reiki I/II to me. She was a calm and patient presence, organized with the materials, personalized it to my intentions, and we completed the teachings and the attunement within the time parameters we had.
    Bella is such a lovely person and she provided her own personal tips for going forward with Reiki and made sure I knew she was available for any questions that may come up as I practice. I feel very confident with choosing the Metaphysical Medium as my Master Reiki teacher and would highly recommend her for learning Reiki, as well as just receiving a Reiki healing session with her.

    thumb A L.

      Had a wonderful session!  Very accurate and helpful!  Helped me with tips for helping myself and my loved ones. Was a wonderful experience!!

    thumb Marina P.

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