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  • Servicing San Jose, Santa Clara, and the surrounding Bay Area in person.
  • Servicing anyone, anywhere remotely via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, WhatsApp, Phone, and Email.

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Wednesday 12:00p.m. - 4:30p.m. (in person/remote)
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  •   I came to Bella with many questions about my future and her tarot reading gave me so much clarity on many things that I had been feeling. Bella provided her reading in a caring and understanding way that allowed me to feel instantly comfortable with her. If you need guidance or clarity with anything happening in your life, I highly recommend reaching out to Bella. I left our session feeling like a weight had lifted off my shoulders and I was ready to tackle the things that are coming my way.

    thumb Elisa M.

      I really enjoyed my session with Bella, it was eye opening and gave me some great insights on my life and factors I can keep in mind and build upon for more success and happiness in the future. I look forward to working with Bella in the future.

    thumb Jennifer G.
  •   Bella is an incredible woman and clairvoyant. During my reading we covered two areas in my life that have been issues. She gave me quality advice regarding these two areas - which has given me a totally new perspective and direction. We discovered that I have a few traits that have been contributing negatively to these areas. I already have an appointment for a hypnotherapy session with Bella to further work through these blocks. After the progress that was made in only an hour session, I'm really looking forward to experiencing the shift I anticipate after we continue this work. Needless to say, I highly recommend Bella!

    thumb Roslyn M.

      My session with Bella was so amazing. I immediately felt at ease speaking with her. What she told me in my Clairvoyant reading about passed lives really resonated with me, and I felt connections to all of it, which was very comforting. I will most definitely reach out again in the near future!

    thumb Kristen O.
  •   Bella is really patient, she will answer whatever you want to ask. And not only she is fast, but she can also see the situation clearly without you telling her much of the background. She is very talented and wants the best for you. I'm looking forward to working with her again.

    thumb Danielle L.

      I Had a great tarot reading with Bella. She was very kind, compassionate and professional. She listened and answered all of my questions. I  will definitely see her again. I highly recommend her, she is great!

    thumb Christina G.
  •   I met with Bella remotely for a clairvoyant reading a month ago.  Based on reading previous reviews I had pretty high expectations and she exceeded all of them. I was seeking help with verification of career path and for help with certain personality aspects that were wreaking havoc in my life.  All I can say is that she knew me to my core, better than I know myself and was able to help me understand why I am the way that I am.  She was able to describe my deficiencies as well as highlight my gifts to me. This understanding is helping me to recognize where certain thinking patterns are coming from and thus setting me on a path for healing so I can look forward to a more fulfilling life in the future. Career path reading was spot-on.  She has a truly special gift and I recommend her to everyone.  Thank you Bella!

    thumb Kathy M.

      I must echo other reviewers in saying that Bella is welcoming, knowledgeable, friendly and clearly gifted in the metaphysical realm. Eye opening clairvoyant reading with her. This is pretty new to me. Thanks Bella!

    thumb Ami R.
  •   Amazing presence. What first surprised me is the amazing amount of positive reviews on her Yelp - one hundred ninety 5 star reviews - not an easy feat! Bella is super nice and answers all the questions. She helps people to build upon more success. Many have mentioned that that her readings are accurate and she seems to provide answers to the questions with detail. Bella is a professional  in healing the clients.

    I have a background in dentistry, and had the opportunity to look at the crystal that was on her tooth - they are very well placed. No catches, grooves, that can potentially trap food, thus causing harm. They are very well retained on the enamel surface, eliminating  possibility of dislodgment. Also, there's no damage to her natural tooth - excellently done!

    thumb Jay S.

      I am so glad to find Bella to do the tarot card for me!  She is right on every question I asked her.  I had other tarot reading before with several persons but Bella is the ONLY one so far that can really answer directly to all my questions even including the specific timeline.  

    I will wait for the answers from her to unfold and she will surely become my "go-to" person for future card reading! Thank you Bella!

    thumb Jenny D.
  •   Bella was incredible. Before scheduling my appointment, I read through her reviews. Most recommended to have questions written out so I did and she answered ALL OF THEM. She was so specific and detailed. It was a remarkable experience.  I gained so much clarity from our session. Bella is extremely precise and so talented.

    I will definitely be scheduling future sessions. I loved her.

    thumb Rosy S.

      Bella is absolutely amazing and so talented. I did an hour tarot card reading and everything she said and brought up was spot on. This was my first reading and I wasn't sure of questions to ask or how to navigate the process. Bella helped guide me through the reading. I highly recommend Metaphysical Medium!

    thumb Jackie F.
  •   Have met with Bella hand-full of times during some very difficult times in my life to gain clarity, confirmation, and guidance. She's awesome! She gets right to the point and makes the most out of the allotted time with her. From my experience, a lot of the tarot reading outcomes were accurate and really helped me in what I needed confirmation on at that point in time. Highly recommend!

    thumb Jose T.

      I highly recommend Bella and will definitely have another reiki session with her!

    thumb Helen Z.
  •   I received a Clairvoyant reading from Bella via phone. I resonated with the information she shared with me throughout the reading, which helped me make more sense of my present situation and feel confident about the next steps I want to take to manifest a life I am at peace with. I respect the way Bella shows up and is fully present.  What I found admirable about her is how I could sense that she genuinely cared about my health & well-being. Bella definitely showed this when she texted me after the reading to let me know she had sent a resource that she mentioned during my reading, as well as included some tips that I could benefit from. Thank you for using your gifts, Bella -- you're a gem. I appreciate you supporting me in my journey.

    If you are interested in one of her services and what I shared resonated with you, I'd say go for it. You are your greatest investment.

    thumb Kiran M.

      $350 later with no refund. I was taken in late and left early. There was discussion over the phone of what would be best for me. I have a TBI and high beta waves so I told her it would be very hard for me to go into trans though one person who moved to Sedona AZ was successful. The lady used a common NLP technique I recognized by at least 4 other therapists I worked with who were not able to help me.
    My brain immediately said, oh no, not this again. I couldn't continue. I cried for disappointment and frustration and told her this was working. She was immediately offended and literally said, I feel like you're telling me how to do my job- I AM A MASTER TRAINER.... I got my purse and excused myself early and told her she could keep the reasonable amount for the time we spent. She kept everything. Over a month ago- I didn't hear from her.
    I have made success with finding Lynn Swearingen of BAY AREA HYPNOTHERAPY out of SF. Which btw, she guarantees a full refund if you do not benefit or even go into trans.

    I added two stars bc this lady did tell me about histamine intolerance

    thumb Andrea.PT. V.
  •   I had a 45-minute session with Bella. She was direct and to the point, she answered my questions quickly and we were able to cover a lot in that time period. The reading seemed accurate and reassuring. Of course I will have to wait and see if what she predicted will actually happen, but the present situation was accurately described. I would recommend the Tarot reading if you have a lot of specific questions, but not if you want a long session to discuss only one issue you're seeking clarity on. Perhaps she has other services for that.

    thumb Ivana A.

      I've used Bella twice now and had an amazing experience both times. Bella is able to help you get clarity on things and better understand yourself. She is patient, understanding is able to guide you through some of life's tricky paths. I have enjoyed both of my services and will continue to use her. I highly recommend her!

    thumb Misha G.
  •   Isabella is a gem ! She is very tuned in intuitively and knows what she is talking about. You know it as soon as she starts answering your first question. Her tarot reading was spot on for me. And some of the info she told me are things only I would know and cant be found anywhere. She is super comfortable to work with and makes you feel at ease. Cant wait to go back to try her other services !

    thumb Silpa S.

      I had an amazing 1 hour hypnosis session with Bella! She is very fast & thorough! One of my favorite parts is that she gathers enough information to help you heal, but also respects boundaries & doesn't dive into the client's past making it easier to release. She looks for the symptom & guides the person towards its root  cause & releasing. It is SO amazing!! I did my session by phone & in a different time zone with great success! She covered & resolved so many issues in an hour!

    thumb Mia P.

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