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  •   I had an amazing 1 hour hypnosis session with Bella! She is very fast & thorough! One of my favorite parts is that she gathers enough information to help you heal, but also respects boundaries & doesn't dive into the client's past making it easier to release. She looks for the symptom & guides the person towards its root  cause & releasing. It is SO amazing!! I did my session by phone & in a different time zone with great success! She covered & resolved so many issues in an hour!

    thumb Mia P.

      I have done tarot readings in the past and although they've all been insightful,  there was something unique about my reading with Bella that stood out from the rest. I booked a clairvoyant reading with Bella and was so appreciative of the way she delivered information. She goes straight into answering your questions with clarity and is very quick and direct (no beating around the bush). Throughout the 30 mins that I had with her, she was able to get through all my questions. When there were moments where I ran out of questions or was unsure what else to ask, Bella would suggest what she could look into more specifically. I was really grateful that she took this initiative as it gave me more insight into my concerns. Another thing to call out is she is super personable. I ran into issues booking through the online portal and Bella was quick to respond and resolve my issues almost immediately on a weekend at off hours. Thanks again Bella!

    I will definitely be back and recommending her to others.

    thumb Yvonne L.
  •   I received a Clairvoyant reading from Bella via phone. I resonated with the information she shared with me throughout the reading, which helped me make more sense of my present situation and feel confident about the next steps I want to take to manifest a life I am at peace with. I respect the way Bella shows up and is fully present.  What I found admirable about her is how I could sense that she genuinely cared about my health & well-being. Bella definitely showed this when she texted me after the reading to let me know she had sent a resource that she mentioned during my reading, as well as included some tips that I could benefit from. Thank you for using your gifts, Bella -- you're a gem. I appreciate you supporting me in my journey.

    If you are interested in one of her services and what I shared resonated with you, I'd say go for it. You are your greatest investment.

    thumb Kiran M.


    I am so elated writing this review. Just got off the phone with Isabella. What an outstanding medium she is and such a sweet soul.

    I cannot recommend her enough. She is a true talent and very kind and gentle in giving helpful messages for topics that are of greatest concern. Bless her for the help she has given!

    thumb Emonne A.
  •   Amazing presence. What first surprised me is the amazing amount of positive reviews on her Yelp - one hundred ninety 5 star reviews - not an easy feat! Bella is super nice and answers all the questions. She helps people to build upon more success. Many have mentioned that that her readings are accurate and she seems to provide answers to the questions with detail. Bella is a professional  in healing the clients.

    I have a background in dentistry, and had the opportunity to look at the crystal that was on her tooth - they are very well placed. No catches, grooves, that can potentially trap food, thus causing harm. They are very well retained on the enamel surface, eliminating  possibility of dislodgment. Also, there's no damage to her natural tooth - excellently done!

    thumb Jay S.

      I recently had a taro card reading with Bella and it was THE best experience. I prepared my questions and dove deeper into each topic throughout my  session. It was amazing how spot on she was with a lot of points and I really appreciated her straight forward and to the point delivery of each response. She also pointed out a personal detail that has been brought to my attention multiple times through past reiki and medium sessions I've had and was very kind and informative with explaining what might be helpful solutions for me moving forward. I felt hopeful, inspired and at ease by the end of my session and I was able to feel comfort in trusting my personal timeline, what the universe may have in store for me and what things are meant for me whatever path I decide to follow moving forward. Thank you, Bella! I look forward to future sessions.

    thumb Jane P.
  •   Bella is very straight forward and is great at reading your energy. I had lots of doubts and felt like I was being pulled in multiple directions. She's really helped guide me into seeing the brighter future ahead. She's given me clarity as to decisions I was doubting.

    thumb Arisa T.

      Wow, I had a clairvoyant/tarot card reading with Bella earlier today and I'm still in shock, so the session started with her giving herself a minute to connect to you (and this was crazy cause it was just over the phone), you then ask your question and she reads the cards, I mean my heart was pounding with anxiety waiting to hear what she had to say, SPOT ON every little thing, so many things that were currently happening, the actual core issues, things my own intuition was telling me that I don't say out loud, in 15 minutes she wrapped up the issues in my current relationship, like you cannot make that up, I'm definitely to a breaking point and she just said everything I needed to hear, I tried to write everything down but I so wish I recorded it, I would like to go in more detail but it's just so personal, now I still take everything with a grain of salt and if her future predictions do not become reality it will not disappoint, I think there's a reason for everything that is said and there's no denying Bella's dedication to what she does, I mean just look at all her life work, certifications, education, etc. you have to want to help people to do this kind of work, it was super pricey but I'd pay it over and over and over again

    thumb Cherrie L.
  •   Bella's reading was incredible! So much validation and clarity that was not only helpful but helped bring alot of closure.  She is the real deal and I know that's hard to find. I am still grinning from ear to ear! Book your session, it will be a very huge gift to yourself!

    thumb Silvia M.

      I am so glad to find Bella to do the tarot card for me!  She is right on every question I asked her.  I had other tarot reading before with several persons but Bella is the ONLY one so far that can really answer directly to all my questions even including the specific timeline.  

    I will wait for the answers from her to unfold and she will surely become my "go-to" person for future card reading! Thank you Bella!

    thumb Jenny D.
  •   It's really hard for me to put into words what Bella did for me but I'll do my best.

    I had been going thru the "normal" ups and downs of this experience, searching for some kind of help/answers when I stumbled across her website.  Finally after going back and forth on which service I should try I settled on the Tarot Card reading.  I wasn't expecting what it turned out to be.  

    She was kind, compassionate, while being direct.  I personally can appreciate this because there's a lot of BS out there.  I walked away from the session feeling like a different person.  I felt supported, healed, and renewed in a way that other healers just haven't been able to provide.  Honestly I can't say enough good things.  Her services are worth every penny.  Book today and I promise you, you won't be disappointed as long as your willing and open to the experience.

    thumb Mike L.

      Bella is an incredible woman and clairvoyant. During my reading we covered two areas in my life that have been issues. She gave me quality advice regarding these two areas - which has given me a totally new perspective and direction. We discovered that I have a few traits that have been contributing negatively to these areas. I already have an appointment for a hypnotherapy session with Bella to further work through these blocks. After the progress that was made in only an hour session, I'm really looking forward to experiencing the shift I anticipate after we continue this work. Needless to say, I highly recommend Bella!

    thumb Roslyn M.
  •   Bella is so good at what she does. She really listens and engages. I would definitely book another session!

    thumb Jeanne S.

      If you're researching someone like Bella you're probably questioning things in your life or confused. I've spoken with her twice and i can honestly say you won't be disappointed. A lot is said  about what kind of work she does, but she's for real. If you come with an open heart and an open mind, you'll be on your way to finding those answers. Like I said I've spoken with her twice. The first time help me get started on this path and this last time really help me put an end to it. And I appreciate her for that help.

    thumb Rosemary O.
  •   I just took reiki 1 and reiki 2 classes with Bella! It was truly a wonderful experience learning from her. She answered all questions thoroughly and 4 hours just passed by so quickly..

    She also took out time to explore my personal question during our time together, and I just found that so incredibly sweet of her..

    Bella is truly a gifted and intuitive healer! Please book with her, you won't regret it:)

    thumb Shruti R.

      Bella was awesome. From the start she made me feel comfortable. The tarot reading was on point. She had given me so much information on my financial and love life. We even got to my past life experience.  Which brought me to my second session.  It was hypno therapy. Bella helped me get rid of unwanted baggage.  So that I can continue striding through life with out anything holding me back. I felt so relief when I was done. All I can say is that she is the real deal. Thank so much bella for all your guidance and help!!

    thumb Van T.
  •   I Had a great tarot reading with Bella. She was very kind, compassionate and professional. She listened and answered all of my questions. I  will definitely see her again. I highly recommend her, she is great!

    thumb Christina G.

      I booked an hour long session Hypnotherapy.  I needed to get past fear that had been with me as long as I remember.  I also was ready to shed sadness that had been with me all my life.  Lastly I needed clearing on energetic energies that had attached to my energy field and were trying to pull me down.  Bella addressed all I had asked.  I shed the fear and the sadness.  
    All energies I now hold are pure divine love.  
    Thank you Bella.

    thumb G Z.
  •   Bella is wonderful, kind and very talented.  I did a tarot reading with her and plan to do some hypnosis. She gave me quick answers that made sense in the context of my life  and resonated well with my spiritual belief and life path. Bella quickly grasps the nuances of issues so she could focus her answers to what I really needed to know. I felt that she understood and empathized with me and the issues I brought to her. Thank you Bella! Highly recommended

    thumb Maria R.

      I am relatively new to getting services by a psychic in general. I just had my second ever tarot reading, and I'm so glad that I got it done by Bella. Disregarding my inexperience, I definitely would hope that everyone and anyone who is interested in this area won't hesitate to schedule with Metaphysical Medium. I know that not all readings are always 100% accurate but I am now looking forward and have faith in what my future holds for me. I have every intention to return for either a past life regression or be dedicated for a yearly reading, and I wouldn't doubt others would instantly feel the same.

    The rest of this review mostly benefits those who are also new and confused beginners to tarot readings:

    - You pay full price when booking through the online website (she even has a tip section during that process which I HIGHLY recommend you do- she won't disappoint)
    - All online (you choose your preferred method: FT, Zoom, etc)
    - You receive text and email confirmation and reminders.

    During the Reading
    - I scheduled a 1 hour session, with 11 questions prepared
    - Answered all of my questions swiftly and was VERY detailed & descriptive especially for some future readings
    - She shows you the cards as she's explaining it which helps if you're interested in learning more about tarot in general
    - Bella's VERY straightforward, yet a tactful person. She was honest and whenever I heard something that was hard for me to acknowledge, she made sure to reassure me, which was very nice.

    - If you are someone like me who enjoys taking notes, make sure you write FAST because Bella definitely makes sure to not waste your time. She'll read off each of the cards, give some examples or offer some advice, and then have you read your next question.
    - Definitely come prepared with your questions in advance plus maybe some backup questions just in case you finish faster than you anticipate
    - Come with an open mind and open heart.

    thumb Mia D.

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