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The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's wisdom” or “the higher power" and Ki which means "life force energy;" therefore, Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." Reiki originated in Japan as a hands-on healing modality discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, who documented, instructed, and passed down the techniques to his lineage of alternative healers throughout his lifetime.

Reiki Sessions are a type of relaxing massage that provides healing to the whole body by giving energy to the 7 chakras. A treatment gives you the sensation of a peaceful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. The energy does not originate with me, but rather, I am the channel from which the life force energy of the universe will flow through as it passes into your body.

I am a certified Practitioner for Levels I, II, and Master Level Reiki, and also am in direct lineage to Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki. Therefore, I have been taught by only Masters descending directly from Dr. Usui himself, and the methods that I use can be dated back to the original way Reiki was discovered and taught.

I can also teach Reiki Classes and certify new students, since I am a Reiki Master Teacher.

What I love about Reiki Sessions are that they treat the whole person including mind, body, spirit, and emotions - creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of love, peace, security and well-being.

Typically, my Reiki Sessions are full-body and adjust all chakras, where I start at the head, and work my way down to the feet. But, I can focus on one particular area of the body if you have a chronic ailment/illness, or have recently had an injury or a procedure.

You have a choice of in person Reiki Sessions, or remote Reiki. It's also your choice of 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions, depending on availability. It is best if you wear comfortable clothes to a Reiki Session - similar to yoga attire or workout clothes - nothing too tight or restrictive, and definitely not business/work clothes. Remote Reiki Sessions require that you lie down flat, on a comfortable space like a bed or couch, and have your phone within hearing distance of you so I can talk you through the session remotely. Please have your relaxing space prepared in advance before your scheduled appointment time. If you come for Reiki in person, you will be laying back-down on a massage table for the entire duration of the session. Accommodations are made to make you feel most comfortable, like neck pillows, knee pillows, blankets, dim lighting, peaceful music, temperature adjustments, and tea or water.
Product Options
The Reiki Session can benefit any mental, emotional, or physical health issues including: recurring or chronic health problems, any disease, any form of cancer, viral and bacterial pathogen overload, mystery illnesses that many doctors and countless medical tests have not been able to pinpoint, accident or sport related injuries, chakra imbalances, hormonal and emotional imbalances, trauma release, relaxation, autism, learning disabilities, stress and anxiety management, chronic fatigue/energy depletion, speech abnormalities, sleep issues such as insomnia, and more.
Return and Refund Policy
There will be no returns/refunds for Reiki Sessions.

If you are unhappy with how your session is going, please speak up or clarify your request, and we can easily change the direction the session is going to address your concerns.

If you leave unhappy about your session, instead of communicating with me about it, we missed a great opportunity to get on track and provide you with the experience you are actually looking for.

All clients must book appointments online (not over the phone or text), and no appointments will be honored without a confirmed booked timeslot that is paid for in advance.

Important: Previous No-Shows must pre-pay for any subsequent appointments and are also subject to cancellation fees, which include the FULL amount of the session you missed. You will not be able to book a new appointment until you pay for the one you missed, in addition to the new one you want to book.

Please remember to pre-pay with your Credit or Debit Card on the website, or your session will be cancelled 12-24 hours in advance of your start time.

I do consider my work energetic/spiritual in nature, not entertainment.

For your information, Stripe runs the back-end financial processing of my website, and they take out a $5 to $9 fee when I issue a refund to the customer. This is NOT money that goes to Metaphysical Medium LLC. This is money that goes to STRIPE for processing. Please be aware of this fee, and note that it WILL be taken out of your refund amount. The exact price Stripe takes out is based on which credit card carrier you use. This fee will NOT be refunded to you - so your cancellation does not entitle you to this fee back, even if you cancel before the 24-hour cancellation window.

Bella reserves the right to reschedule your session at any time if she has an emergency, becomes ill herself, or must care for a sick family member or pet. If any of these unforeseen circumstances occur, she will reschedule you to the soonest available time-slot and you are not entitled to a payment refund or a cancellation. You understand that by booking this appointment, if Bella needs to reschedule you for any last minute emergency, that you are waiving your right to a refund if you initiate a cancellation. If you choose to reschedule to a later date, your payment will be applied to your new time-slot and you will not be charged again.
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